NetON vs Other Agencies

We like to think that we do things differently here at NetON, and that we are more client and results focused and always work with our client’s best interests in mind.  Here is a list of what makes us different to other agencies:

NetON is results oriented

We don’t just give you a fancy new site, we make sure that it is built to work for you.
We make sure that it already has SEO (so that you get Google traffic), is responsive (so that it looks great
in mobiles), has analytics (so that you can measure how well your site is going) and you know what it takes to make your website work.

We work with open source platforms

Open source platforms means that you are not locked into us. We work with CMS platforms like WordPress and Magento. The platforms are free and are cheaper to build on. This means you get more for your dollar and your total cost of ownership is less long term.  And in an unlikely event that you would want to change agencies, its very easy to find developers/companies that work with these platforms.

We work on everything digital

We don’t just do websites, we do SEO, Adwords, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, CRM, Online Stores, Mobile Apps, Videos, Social Media.. The list goes on.  This means that we can have a holistic look at your business and offer/serve complimentary services that help you reach your goals.

We don’t lock you in

When we work with you, we don’t make you sign yearly contracts, we charge you a hosting fee per month, but you are free to change providers when you feel like you have to. There will be a cost of providing you with the files and removing some of our IP but that is about it. Other than that, everything is your property.

We are transparent on how we work

While we have platforms that we have built that we use to help speed up and generate more results for you, we are transparent on how they work.  We don’t charge you ridiculous amounts of money for systems that you never see and don’t know if they are working or not for your business.

We work for other agencies as well

We work with other agencies and help them deliver projects on time. Over the years we have worked for multiple big agencies in Australia and helped them deliver client projects on time and in budget.