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We use a mix of human and machine learning to provide you superior, affordable and revenue focused content marketing

Content marketing is a way of generating, publishing and distributing targeted, quality and consistent content online and through social media to help achieve business goals in an organisation.

Content Marketing helps you optimise your content for Search Engines and visitors. Your content has to meet both criteria. It needs keyword optimisation and has to be machine readable for Search Engines to understand the context. Also it needs to be human readable so that your visitors find it interesting, share it and come back for more.

There are a wide range of Content Marketing strategies. These include Social Media sharing, viral content, re-purposing content, infographics, blog posts etc. The best way to achieve a good result is to align the content strategy to your business’s desired outcome and work on it consistently.

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    Parts of a good Content Marketing Strategy

    A good content marketing strategy always focuses on these things

    Audience Personas and Problems

    You cannot start a content strategy without understanding your audience and their problems. The more you know your audience, the better you can customise your content. This will make the content more relevant and either solve the audience problem or answer their question. Aligning your content with personas and goals generates better results.

    Unique Content tied to business goals

    The best content is unique and solves a problem or answers a question. Since you are investing your time and effort into this, it should solve a business goal as well. All your content pieces should align themselves to a business goal. Are you trying to generate brand awareness? Are you trying to get higher rankings? Are you trying to sell your product?

    Creation and Scheduling of Content

    While strategy is great, smallest actions trumps the best strategies. Its important to create relevant and targeted content that helps your customers. It should also align to your business goals. There needs to be a lot of brainstorming and regular content creation. You will also need to schedule your content. This way there is a recurrent content creation and content marketing. Its good to use online resources if you are stuck.

    Content Formats and Channels

    There are way too many content formats and content channels now to reach out to your customers. Finding the best ones that align with your customers and your business goals are key for success. You may skip blogging altogether if you audience only uses social media. Or you may only focus on podcasts. You will need to make this decision based on your audience personas and business goals.

    Content Marketing measurement

    How do you measure the success of your content marketing efforts. The best way to measure the success is to align it with a tangible business goals. It may be form fill outs, product sales, page views etc and then measure the cost per business goal. You may break down your metrics to 4 main areas

    Audience and Demographics

    What kind of audience is interacting with your content. What is their demographics. Are they in line with your audience personas? If not, its time to redo your persona’s or update your content strategy.

    Content Engagement

    How long are they viewing the content. Are they engaging on other similar content, are they coming back. Are they scrolling all the way through to the bottom of the content? Are they watching the end of the video. These are all engagement metrics that give you a good idea of how good your content is.

    Content Sentiment

    Is your audience sharing your content? Are they commenting on it? What is the general sentiment of your content? It’s important to understand the sentiment of your audience when consuming your content. This is an indirect way of evaluating your content.

    Content Marketing Business Goals

    Is your content meeting your aligned business goals? If the purpose of the content was to generate higher sales, are customers now buying more? Goals are the most important metrics in any measurement. Make sure that you can put a cost per goal. This way you can see if you content is making you money or costing you money.

    Why use NetON as your Content Marketing Agency

    NetON is a top Content Marketing services company based in both Melbourne and Sydney. We have over 10 years of experience working with clients in Australia, United States and internationally. Our Content Marketing methods use the best industry practices and aim to deliver successful results and higher conversion for our clients. We have been providing high-quality content marketing services to companies big and small for over 10 years with clients ranging from the biggest Australian companies to family-owned local businesses.

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      Our new Content Marketing Platform for 2020

      We have been busy bees in the last 6 months developing a content marketing platform that makes your life easier for content development. We have been working with a number of clients in their content development and we were struggling with all the emails, word documents and excel files to manage all the content. So we decided to build our own platform to help us manage all the content under one umbrella. We are now opening the platform to our clients and other agencies as well.

      Features of the Content Marketing Platform

      Here are some of the features of the content marketing platform. We are still building the platform and the platform gets updated every month. The best way to have a look into the platform is to schedule a demo with one of our technical team. Please fill out the form above to schedule a demo.

      Content Overview

      The Content overview screen gives you an overview of the different content that you have planned, scheduled and approved.

      Content Planner

      The Content Planner screen allows you to plan your content according to the calendar. You can visualise the content that you are creating in the next 3 months.

      Content Suggestions

      Our Smart Content Marketing platform will suggest content ideas based on your content, keywords and competitors. If you like an idea, a single click will turn that into a content plan.

      Content Review

      You can review your existing content, see if they have the recommended keyword density and reading level and fix any issues before posting the content on your website, blog or social media.

      Latest Content Marketing Tips and Resources