Content Marketing Platform – the background

Content Marketing Platform

Content Marketing Platform – the background

The search for a Content Marketing Platform

Since last year, we have been heavily involved in Content Marketing. We have worked with a number of clients in improving their content marketing to make it more authentic, custom focused, conversion focused and measurable. However over time, the excel spreadsheets and word documents became a non-effective issue on their own. We started looking for a content marketing solution and at the time, the solutions we looked at were not a fit for us for the following multiple reasons:

  • Too complicated to setup; while most platforms did fit our early needs, the sales cycle and setup was too complicated for us to move on them quickly.
  • Too expensive; If a platform did fit our needs, it was usually too expensive to justify our Return on Investment.
  • Didn’t cover the basics; Some platforms just didn’t cover the basics, we needed something that will help us create ideas, not just organise content that we had already

Our inbuilt Content Marketing Platform

We decided to build our own platform to see if we can create a solution that fits our exact needs. We spent a few months building a MVP product that we were happy with and worked for us. It was easy for us to come up with ideas, assign them to our pool of writers, analyse them for seo and publish them. We also built a functionality to generate content ideas, keep track of competitors and use inspiration boards to make it easy to create content.

Launch of the new Content Marketing Platform

We are now launching the new Content Marketing Platform for end Clients and Agencies in Australia. We are offering the platform for a introductory fee and looking for clients who will use the platform and help us guide it to be better and more efficient.

Features of the new platform

The focus of the platform is to make it easy for you to come up with content ideas, turn them into converting content and then publish them. That said, under the hood there are a lot of features that help you manage the process and measure/analyse the effectiveness. Plus we haev a local Australian support team to answer any questions.

Please click here to view the list of features

Request a demo

We will be running demos of the platform from the first week of February. We would love to show what we have built and see if it fits your needs, please reach out at and we will setup a quick session to take you through the platform.