WordPress Development

We have over 15 years of experience building WordPress websites completing over 200 WordPress Projects

NetON is your go to team for any WordPress development services in Melbourne, Sydney and all of Australia. Our team is constantly working on WordPress Website Development, WordPress Design, WordPress Hosting, Strengthening WordPress Security, running SEO Optimisation on WordPress Websites and upgrading Core and WordPress Plugins. We work with some of the smallest and the biggest companies in Australia and around the world and help them build and maintain their WordPress website to generate the best results for them.

WordPress Development by NetON

WordPress Design

Our team can build a custom WordPress design for your website. We can turn your WordPress website idea into an aesthetically pleasing design that will work for Google and help you convert more visitors on your website.

Website Development

Our team can customise WordPress websites based on your requirements. With the initial install of WordPress you only get the basics , our development team can help uncover all the hidden abilities of WordPress based on your requirements.

Theme Customisation

There are thousands of WordPress themes now available, if you like a theme already, we can help set it up and customise it based on your requirements. Not happy with an already available theme? We can create a theme for you from scratch.

WordPress Plugin Development

Need more integration and more advanced stuff from your site? Our expert development team based in Melbourne can help you create advanced plugins for your website.

Why use NetON for WordPress Development?

  • We have over 15 years of experience in building websites and have been involved in building websites on WordPress ever since it came out.
  • We develop websites more efficiently bringing results to you faster
  • We offer a complete range of WordPress website development services
  • We love WordPress and the amazing capabilities it comes with, we will be able to build any kind of site that you have in mind on WordPress
  • Our business model allows us to be more cost effective, providing a bigger bang for your marketing buck
  • All our work is done by full time WordPress developers employed by NetON who have been building Australian websites for over 5 years
  • We build secure and long lasting WordPress websites giving you peace of mind and longer return on Investment

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    Our WordPress website development process


    We listen to your requirements, ask relevant questions, define what you want to achieve out of your WordPress website and create a clear scope of work. We also compare you with your competitors and not just fill in the gaps but push you ahead with your website.

    Design and Develop

    We create an aesthetically pleasing design(s) based on your requirements and go through two rounds of feedback and changes. With your approval build a funtional website which works and looks great on both mobiles and desktops.


    We optimise the site so that it is easily found in Google and also generates you more traffic/leads. We make sure your customer journeys are airtight, clicks to content are low and customer experience is properly attuned.

    Analyse and Improve

    All the sites we build are smart websites, with proper analytics to give you detailed information on what your visitors are doing on your site and goals to make sure your website is working for you. We analyse your site periodically and provide you with feedback/changes to improve to get more out of your WordPress website.

    WordPress website with the latest technologies and Smarts

    Now lets get a bit technical and look at all the new technologies that come with a WordPress website developed by NetON

    CSS3 / SASS / SCSS

    CSS is the style overlay of your site that defines the colours, the look and feel and the elements of your site. We build all our WordPress sites with SASS which is the latest version of the CSS platform making it quicker for us to develop websites and quicker for us to update the look and feel of your site over time.

    Responsive Framework

    All the WordPress sites we develop are responsive. That means that your site will rearrange itself nicely from a desktop to a mobile so that it looks and works great on bigger screens (desktops) as well as smaller screens(Mobiles). We use the latest responsive frameworks (Bootstrap 4 and Foundation 6) to make this happen.

    JQUERY 3

    Jquery is the functional element of your site which manages interactive elements on your website. Making things animate/move, changing colours when you put your mouse over it, Banner Sliders and Galleries. We use the latest version of JQuery (JQuery 3) in all or our new websites to provide your visitors with the latest interactivity.

    Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is a tracking platform that reports on your visitor behaviour. Yes you have your new site but is it working. Google Analytics answers questions such as how many people are coming to your site? where are they finding your website, what pages they are going to, what pages are they falling out of etc.

    NetON Styler – Fine tune colours on your WordPress Website

    We are now rolling out NetON Styler on all our WordPress projects. This means that you can fine tune the colours of your website yourself. Once we have built the initial design for your website, you can then go to the prototype site and then select different colours for components of your website and let us know when you are happy with the final colours. We will then roll this out to your final design.

    What type of WordPress Development service are you looking for?

    Build a New WordPress Website

    Are you looking for a new website for yourself or your company? Please request a quote. We also offer guaranteed 1 business day quotes if you are in a rush. Please click here to get a quote by the next business day.

    Support for your existing website

    Do you already have a WordPress website but need support/training and fixing on it? We can help you with that too with out support services, please view our support plans here.

    Optimise and Improve your site

    Are you looking to improve the SEO on your site? Maybe do a bit of marketing and generate some traffic/leads, we can help you with your SEO and your Marketing. Please view our Search Engine Optimisation page for more details.

    Free Included Bonuses on Monthly Engagements

    We also offer a number of free bonuses for clients who are with us long term and engage with us on a monthly basis.

    Keyword Rankings

    Check rankings on upto 25 of your main keywords in real time on Search Engines. You can login to the backend of your site and view this inside your WordPress website.

    Full Visitor Journeys

    Yes, all our sites come with Google Analytics but sometimes you want to see exactly what a visitor from Australia did and what pages they went to in sequence on your site.
    Our plugin allows you to view your last 20 customer journeys on your website accessible from the backend.

    Marketing Dashboards

    Are you going to multiple sources to get your report for SEO, Adwords, Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Email Marketing and a myriad of other marketing channels you use? NetON’s pulse report sits on your WordPress dashboard and gives you a quick summary of all your Marketing efforts in one screen.

    Project Manager

    Keeping track of bugs, changes and new updates to your website is a full time job. TO make this easy to manage, we include our ticketing system in the backend of your WordPress website itself. If you see a bug on your site, you can add this to the project manager quickly and keep track of all changes and updates in one location in the wordpress backend.

    Addons for your WordPress website

    We offer a number of addons that will enhance your WordPress website, please note that these costs are not included in the initial quote for the website.

    WooCommerce Store

    Do you have a product to sell? Gift Vouchers, event bookings etc. We can install an eCommerce plugin on your WordPress site so that you can start selling your products straight away. Want to see examples of eCommerce sites done by us? Please fill out the form on the right or send us an email at info@neton.com.au to see examples.

    Marketing Automation

    We can add a Marketing Automation component to your website allowing you to run Lead Scoring/Nurturing campaigns to generate better Brand Awareness, more leads and improve your revenue.

    Content Marketing

    To generate more leads and traffic to your site, you need a good Content Marketing strategy. NetON team can help you with content recommendations, content building, posts, goals and measurement to improve your brand awareness/lead generation.

    Multi Language

    Having just a English language site is not enough if you are targeting an Australian and Asian markets. Our team of translators can help translate your website and marketing communications and make it multi-lingual allowing you to target international customers.

    Popular CMS to WordPress Conversion

    We also help customers convert their existing CMS to WordPress, here are some of the popular CMS conversions that we work with

    Drupal CMS to WordPress

    Drupal is the second largest CMS in the world with around 10% market share. While Drupal is a great and secure CMS, its not as easy to use as WordPress. Please click here to see our Drupal to WordPress CMS comparison and transition plan.

    Sitecore CMS to WordPress

    Sitecore is one of the key CMS for enterprise. While Sitecore is an amazing CMS, it can be pretty costly compared to a open source CMS such as WordPress. Please click here to see our Sitecore to WordPress CMS comparison and transition plan.

    WIX/Weebly CMS to WordPress

    Another great free CMS but not as full fledged as WordPress. When you have built up your presence and want to really dive into conversion, please click here to see our WIX to WordPress CMS comparison and transition plan.

    Joomla to WordPress CMS

    Joomla was what WordPress was before. One of the leading CMSs’. At some point Joomla’s updates started getting rare and developers started abandoning it. They are now back with a new version which looks great but still trying to catch up with WordPress. Please click here to see our Joomla to WordPress CMS comparison and transition plan.

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