WordPress 5.2 Beta Released, whats coming in WordPress 5.2?

WordPress 5.2 Beta Released, whats coming in WordPress 5.2?

The newest Beta Release for the most popular website CMS in the world is expected to be released this month. We have been following the release notes and development of 5.2 closely and have listed the new features and development here.

WordPress 5.2 comes with a number of new features as listed below and focuses on fixing existing bugs and introducing some new features to the block editor.

This article will feature all the features and screenshots of WordPress 5.2. We are really excited about all the bug fixes on the Gutenberg editor, allowing admins to login in case of site errors and all the speed improvements on this Beta Release.

Please note that WordPress 5.2 is still in development. Not all features and enhancements listed below are guaranteed to make it in the final version.

What new features are coming up in WordPress 5.2?

This latest update of the most popular website CMS in the world comes with the following features:

Updates to the Gutenberg/Block Editor

WordPress Block Editor, Gutenberg has been adding a lot of improvements and fixing a lot of the niggling bugs over the past few months and we feel like its come to the point where its fully usable. Here are the new updates to the Block editor

  • 35% faster load time for larger posts and 100% faster keypress time
  • Addition of 5 new blocks, Rss for displaying rss feeds, Amazon Kindle embed block, Search Block, Calendar block for displaying calendars and a tag cloud block for displaying tag clouds
  • Allowing hiding blocks using the block manager. This allows you to hide the blocks you don’t usually use.
  • Block editor is also coming to the WordPress mobile app to allow you to make changes easily from your mobile devices

Fatal Error Protection

If there is a fatal error on the website now, WordPress will pause the error and send a link to the admin allowing them to log into the backend and fix the issue. This is a very welcome feature and will help out a lot of web devs because logging into FTP was a massive pain and would take a lot of effort.

Please note that you will need minimum PHP version 5.6 to run WordPress 5.2 website. So this is the best time to upgrade your PHP before WordPress 5.2 becomes available later this month.

About WordPress

WordPress is arguably the most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today. 60% of all CMS run websites run on WordPress.

NetON WordPress Beta Release Update Policy

Our team will not be updating your WordPress site with this version until it is released. Please read through this post to see what is coming to WordPress, however noting that the final version may be slightly different from the Beta Release.

Please note that the NetON team won’t be updating your website with this version because this is not a final version. We will update your installation when the full production version is released.

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WordPress5.2 Demo website

We love checking out all the new features before a major release. We keep an upto date demo site with the latest (sometimes even nightly builds) of WordPress that you are welcome to have a look at.

Click here to view WordPress Demo site.

Please ask us for a username/password to test the site. This will let you test run all the new features without putting your live website at risk.