Whats new in WordPress 5

Each major version of WordPress comes with tons of new features and updates. WordPress 5 comes with one huge change since the original release of WordPress. A new and updated shiny editor: Gutenberg Editor. The story of WordPress 5 starts and ends with the new block based Gutenberg editor. We are not talking about the […]

WordPress 5 Beta 1 Release and Features

The newest Major Release for the most popular website CMS in the world WordPress is almost here with the latest release of WordPress 5 Beta 1. The newest version is a Beta Release and is  for the next major version 5 which is due sometime later this year. This release is aimed at bringing major changes […]

WordPress 4.7 New Features

As expected, WordPress 4.7 has shipped and is now available. Our team are very excited to work with whats new in this release. It is a Major Release of 2016, and comes with some exciting new features. In this post, we will look at what’s new in WordPress 4.7, and which features you should notice […]

WordPress 4.5 new features

WordPress 4.5 has been released. Our team are very excited to work with whats new in this release. This version is considered a Major Release and focuses on adding new features to the WordPress CMS. More details on the release can be found over at https://wordpress.org/news/category/releases/. adding a logo to the site and responsive customiser […]

WordPress 4.4 Released

Version 4.4 of WordPress entitled “Clifford”, in honor of jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown, is now officially available to end users and developers alike to roll out to their websites. Here we will showcase a comprehensive guide to the set of features spanning from conspicuous changes to rather subtle tweaks within the new release. Website End-Users […]

Advantages of a Blog on your website

Often the term ‘Blogging’ is constituted to the common world views of people exercising their individuality, expressing personal accounts on various aspects of life. A testament to their journey written on an ever expanding canvas that last a lifetime. Since the explosion of blogging platforms being developed over the years, businesses are experiencing a paradigm shift in operational framework; utilizing […]