DuckDuckGo Search Engine Website Submission

Automatic website submission to DuckDuckGo

At NetON, we want to make sure that our clients get the best online exposure from our development work. We are always looking for new ways to improve your business. We are now rolling out a new way of better online visibility for you. The addition of this process in our development cycle will allow our clients to generate more online visibility from their websites and get their websites in front of more prospects and visitors.

What is a Search Engine

A search engine indexes websites, images and other files available on the Internet (World Wide Web). When a visitor searches for keywords on a search engine it will then display results based on its index. A search engine’s index is usually updated by crawling those websites,images and files and adding new content to its index.

What is DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is an Internet search engine that emphasizes protecting searchers privacy. It also avoids the filter bubble of personalized search results. Google will give you results based on your demographic, activity and other history. DuckDuckGo will give everyone the same results for the same keywords. Because of a lot of data loss, hacking and data being sold to third parties, Privacy is a one of the biggest concerns for users online.

Here are some features of DuckDuckGo

  • DuckDuckGo doesn’t collect any of your personal information.
  • It doesn’t keep track of what you searched, so your searches are anonymous the whole time. There is no search history or any profile. Since there is no personal information, there is no information sold/gained access by third parties.
  • DuckDuckGo doesn’t give you filtered bubbled search results. While Google and other search engines show different results to separate users based on their profile, search history and other factors, DuckDuckGo shows everyone the same results based on the same keywords.
  • DuckDuckGo has grown 50% in 2017 and now serves 20 million daily search results.

So what do you get out of this change in process?

  • We do the website submission for you, when we build your website so you don’t have to worry about this in the future.
  • You will achieve better online visibility as a result of this
  • You will also be targeting a subset of users who only search on DuckDuckGo
  • You will be future-proofing your website as we expect DuckDuckGo’s search share to improve over time

NetON’s website development value additions

Submitting your website to DuckDuckGo is one of the many value additions you get from getting your website built with NetON. We have a checklist of 50+ items that we go through when building your website which means more time for you to focus on strategy and marketing of the website.


NetON Styler – pick your colour combination for your online projects

Imagine this;  you have created a perfect brief for your next web project. You briefed an agency on a website/landing page/ email/ online store and few days later you received a round of designs. It’s great but just not there, the colour combination doesn’t feel right. So you provide your feedback and a few days later you get another round of update, the colours have changed but the whole balance is a little bit off, if only the buttons were a shade lighter or the navigation dark grey now instead of the corporate blue, that might work. You send it back for another round of change and now you are well past your appointed round of changes and it has taken a few weeks to get a few colour updates done on a single landing page.  The project is now over budget and over deadline for no fault of anyone. We have all come across these issues at one point or another and settled for what we were maybe not completely happy with.

Not anymore!

Introducing NetON Styler

Our goal at NetON is to make sure that we are always more efficient and faster at delivering results to our clients. NetON is proud to announce a new way moving forward in Web Development. We think that the addition of this new technology to our stack provides a faster way for us to do development for our clients. We are now rolling out NetON Styler for all of our online projects. This means that for simple colour changes, instead of sending it one of our fabulous designers, you can actually ask for us to prototype the project and pick the colour combination yourself. You can play around with say the navigation area, buttons, highlights, accents, heading colours etc using a few clicks and let us know what combination you are happy with. We will then roll out that combination on your project 🙂

When is NetON Styler rolling out

We are really excited about the fact that this will cut down a lot of time between rolling out projects as well as provide the optimal theme and colours that you want. We are currently testing this new feature on a new site we are building for a telecom website and will share more screenshots when it’s out of Beta testing (ETA end 2017).

Bye bye CSS3, Hello there SASS

Our goal at NetON is to make sure that we are always more efficient and faster at delivering results to our clients. NetON is proud to announce a new way moving forward in Web Development. We believe that this new technology will make it more efficient for us to deliver projects to our clients. We are as such moving from CSS3 to SASS for all our new projects. We are really excited about the fact that this will remove a lot of css errors and cut down significantly in delivering new projects.

What is SASS

SASS is a CSS preprocessor, similar to what PHP is to HTML. SASS allows us to create functions, variables and really simplify CSS development during the project and make it easier to make changes after the project is completed.

Here are some features of SASS

  • Variables so that we can make styling changes in one place and roll it out across a website
  • Nesting to keep the CSS data clean
  • Mixins so that we can make the CSS more modular and faster
  • Extenders which will help us make the CSS code cleaner

What is CSS

CSS is an abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS dictates how a HTML page and its elements look like on different devices. CSS is basically a style layer (kind of like clothing) that sits on top of your website code and makes it look pretty. Although we will still be using CSS technically, the CSS we use will be generated by SASS.

Please note that this change is only for new full projects moving forward. If you would like for us to change your CSS into SASS, we can quote for that separately.

NetON Website Upgrade 2017

While we try and upgrade our site once every 6 months, we have been really busy this year with improving our client websites and rolling out a number of supplementary websites. The fact that Bootstrap 4 was out in Beta and we were still in Bootstrap 3 gave us the kick that we needed to start the transition. We were really happy with the look and feel of the site so we didn’t want any theme changes but we really wanted to make it easy to build templates, connect our Marketing Automation platform and make our pages look and work better. What we really want before the end of the year is a solid foundation for the next year where we can roll out a number of new products, market them effectively and integrate all the other systems that we have been building in the last 2 years.

Bootstrap framework upgrade

We have been building a very modular site since the beginning of the year where we have completely separated the data, the theme and the functionality of the site. So it was amazing to see all that come to fruition. The framework upgrade actually only took us a couple of minutes to complete,  collectively blowing our minds on the highs that website development has reached today.  In the past this would have been a few days at least for a website of our size and the components it has. Yes, some pages and templates didn’t work but 90% of the site and 95% of pages visited every day was functional and working straight out.

Separation of Components

One of the core changes we have been working on our site has been a separation of components. Similar to how a MVC system works, we have been trying to separate the skin and the functionality. While in the past this was all interconnected and an upgrade to the site meant separating them, rolling out the new site and then meshing them together again, we are now able to keep the functionality separate from the framework. This makes doing upgrades on our site a breeze.

Better ways of displaying data

We have also built a number of components to create better ways of displaying data. In the age where Google is king, our pages are expanding at the rate of our waists. So its time to trim them up by using gradients, boxes, icons and components that we can use from Bootstrap to make big amounts of content look more aesthetic and easily digestable.

Breaking up with CSS and in bed with SASS

As of this iteration, we are also fully running on SASS and ditching the age old CSS behind. We loved CSS but we were swayed by competition. SASS allows us to make styling changes to our website blazingly fast and with less code and less time. We want to reach a point where we can make fundamental theme changes and updates to the site in minutes and not hours.

Integrated Marketing Automation

This was probably the biggest thing we really wanted on this update. We have been setting up our Marketing Automation platform and we really wanted it to be fully integrated to our website. We are so excited that  full Marketing Automation integration is also complete on the site. This opens up a huge opportunity for us to now improve our website and our funnel.  Having the lead flow, lead follow up means that we can now focus on the top end of the funnel and let the mid and bottom end of the funnel work out by itself.

Why talk about our site upgrade?

As an agency, we feel like every time we upgrade our website, we learn and lot. What we learn from working on our website, we can start rolling them out to our customers. We thought that this post will be a good introduction to how we upgrade our sites and how we can help you with your site upgrade.  Please feel free to check out our WordPress Development page and our Marketing Automation pages for more information on our offerings.


Optimising Landing Pages with Analytics, heatmaps, mouse trails and A/B testing

Every business has a website, every business has microsites and landing pages. If you have a business, that is focused online,  most likely you have got heaps of these customer landing pages.  Also most likely money is being spent on building these pages, Search Engine Optimisation, Pay per clicks (PPC) and Social Media Marketing(SMM) to drive leads and customers to these landing pages.

One could argue that these are the most important online assets for any company. However the way businesses usually go about building and running these pages are not targeted to optimum conversion. Most likely the pages gets briefed first, goes to a designer, gets approved, Search Engine Optimisation, PPC and SMM get added at the end, to drive users to these assets.

There is usually minimal check up on these pages at the start, you then look at reports every few weeks, let the campaign run, collate full reports at the end of the campaign and compare that with other campaigns.  You probably look at overall clicks, form fill-outs or purchases, but not necessary user behaviour. The only time you may go back and change these pages is if the metrics were really different (read as bad different) from any other times for example if you are getting no conversion, bounce rates are unusually high etc.

While this works for most marketers, and is an industry standard, you are still not optimising your page to the full extent. As a marketer, you should be always trying to get the highest conversion on all of your assets right from the start of the campaign.  A 10% conversion on a page compared to a 5% conversion is twice the revenue for the duration of that campaign.

As such, at NetON we are happy to introduce a range of tools, that allows you to test your landing pages, get deeper insights into your conversion and study user behaviour on a much concentrated level. Using these, you are almost guaranteed to squeeze higher conversion from all of your digital landing pages.

NetON Analytics:

NetON Analytics allows you to get an in-depth understanding of user behaviour for each visitor on your site. You can view when person x comes from Google using keyword y, they go to pages a, b and c before filling out a form.  Usually we don’t look at this level of analytics but at the start of any campaign, we recommend that you at least look at a bunch of visitors page by page movements.

NetON heatmaps:

This is a new tool that we have just introduced, this gives you heat map information on your pages, mouse trail information, clicks on pages and scroll depth on your landing pages. Now you really know how many visitors go to the very bottom and look at that fantastic footer that you have crafted.

NetON heatmaps is available for all clients now and more information about the product is coming soon.

A/B Testing:

Finally the last thing you want to do is A/B test your site. We can strategise and create A/B  testing scenarios for you based on your content. Alternatively you can use our landing page platform to build pages yourself and run your own experiments. Does $10 off work better than 20% off on your product.  You can test all scenarios to make sure that you are using the right components that give you the highest return on your investment in you page.

Time to move from Responsive to Mobile First Websites?

Is it time for Australian Businesses to move to a mobile first approach.  At NetON we have been building Responsive websites since 2011 while Mobile traffic was still in it’s infancy. Now in mid 2014 should we still do Responsive Sites or should we move to Mobile First websites? We thought we would do a quick analysis. We picked at random 3 medium B2C clients and 2 B2B Clients to see what the Mobile Traffic was for the sites for a random month this year. We also categorised the traffic to overall and Australia to check how Mobile traffic differs from Australia. Followed are some quick charts.

B2C Mobile Traffic analysis

B2C Client 1 Analytics


B2C Client 2 Analytics


B2C Client 3 Analytics


For our random 3 B2C clients,  pure mobile is coming at roughly 1/3rd of the Traffic, while Mobile + Tablet at some cases is more than half the traffic.  What’s more interesting is that if we just pick Australian traffic in 2 out of 3 cases, Pure Mobile traffic now outweighs Desktop and Tablet Traffic. With one of the sites getting 80% pure mobile traffic from Australian Visitors.

Key takeaways:

  • In majority of larger B2C clients, mobile traffic is outweighing desktop
  • While most sites are still built responsive and not mobile first
  • Australian Mobile traffic in particular is exploding

B2B Mobile Traffic analysis

B2B Client 1 Analytics


B2B Client 2 Analytics


B2B clients however seem to have a very low degree of Mobile Traffic or Tablet Traffic. The reason for that being that most of the sites are being visited in work hours via the computer. However month on month increase is about 1-2% at this stage. Still a long way off from B2C but towards early next year, you should start looking at going mobile first.

Key takeaways:

  • Mobile traffic in B2B is not significant yet
  • However mobile traffic month on month is growing rapidly
  • Responsive sites are best for now

Mobile First Websites?

NetON will be doing Mobile first websites for all B2C customers moving forward.  We will be posting another post about our Mobile build technologies and what devices we test our Websites on.

100 point website check for Website, mobile, roi, seo and marketing

100 point check for Websites

We are proud to announce one of the most comprehensive website checking system available now with all of our Medium and Large websites. The NetON 100 point quality check system is ticked off before going live with every site making sure that the live site is error-free and fully functional on all fronts including website and different browsers, mobiles and tablets.

Read more about the 100 point check >>