Optimising Landing Pages with Analytics, heatmaps, mouse trails and A/B testing

Every business has a website, every business has microsites and landing pages. If you have a business, that is focused online,  most likely you have got heaps of these customer landing pages.  Also most likely money is being spent on building these pages, Search Engine Optimisation, Pay per clicks (PPC) and Social Media Marketing(SMM) to drive leads and customers to these landing pages.

One could argue that these are the most important online assets for any company. However the way businesses usually go about building and running these pages are not targeted to optimum conversion. Most likely the pages gets briefed first, goes to a designer, gets approved, Search Engine Optimisation, PPC and SMM get added at the end, to drive users to these assets.

There is usually minimal check up on these pages at the start, you then look at reports every few weeks, let the campaign run, collate full reports at the end of the campaign and compare that with other campaigns.  You probably look at overall clicks, form fill-outs or purchases, but not necessary user behaviour. The only time you may go back and change these pages is if the metrics were really different (read as bad different) from any other times for example if you are getting no conversion, bounce rates are unusually high etc.

While this works for most marketers, and is an industry standard, you are still not optimising your page to the full extent. As a marketer, you should be always trying to get the highest conversion on all of your assets right from the start of the campaign.  A 10% conversion on a page compared to a 5% conversion is twice the revenue for the duration of that campaign.

As such, at NetON we are happy to introduce a range of tools, that allows you to test your landing pages, get deeper insights into your conversion and study user behaviour on a much concentrated level. Using these, you are almost guaranteed to squeeze higher conversion from all of your digital landing pages.

NetON Analytics:

NetON Analytics allows you to get an in-depth understanding of user behaviour for each visitor on your site. You can view when person x comes from Google using keyword y, they go to pages a, b and c before filling out a form.  Usually we don’t look at this level of analytics but at the start of any campaign, we recommend that you at least look at a bunch of visitors page by page movements.

NetON heatmaps:

This is a new tool that we have just introduced, this gives you heat map information on your pages, mouse trail information, clicks on pages and scroll depth on your landing pages. Now you really know how many visitors go to the very bottom and look at that fantastic footer that you have crafted.

NetON heatmaps is available for all clients now and more information about the product is coming soon.

A/B Testing:

Finally the last thing you want to do is A/B test your site. We can strategise and create A/B  testing scenarios for you based on your content. Alternatively you can use our landing page platform to build pages yourself and run your own experiments. Does $10 off work better than 20% off on your product.  You can test all scenarios to make sure that you are using the right components that give you the highest return on your investment in you page.

NetON Commerce vC–Cat is almost upon on

We are just about to roll off a Third version of our NetON Commerce store. This is expected to go live in the next week.  Expected new features include

  • Bug Fixes
  • Better Stability of the DIY platform
  • Easier way to add pictures to products
  • A better system of adding variables to products
  • Postcode and region based shipping for Australia
  • Daily Deals system

To celebrate our Cat release patiently, here is a cat video

NetON Commerce v2 – Bumble bee is now live

If you have been following all the exciting things at NetON lately, we have been busy last few months building our DIY eCommerce solution – NetON Commerce.  We released version 1 – AntEater in Mid February which was the first full working version of the platform.  NetON Commerce is a The DIY shopping cart solution is specifically built for the Australian Market and has a host of new features to allow you to market and sell your products more effectively.

Over the last month, the NetON Labs team has been very busy getting our first client on board and getting them live. We have also had a vast number of improvements on the platform. As the platform grows, the more complex it gets and getting the first client live means that all your modules, thousands of lines of code, all the rules, promotions needs to work with each other to provide a seamless experience to the visitor and help them research, decide and purchase from the store.

To celebrate Bumblebee here is a video that signifies what it means for different components to work in unison to create something amazing. Please scroll after the video to view new features and releases on this version.

NetON Commerce BumbleBee Release Notes:

Adding Products to Online store

  • Complete revamp of the way you add products to the store
  • You can now have unlimited product variations and images for each products
  • You can now manage inventory for each product

Store Management

  • One click for maintenance mode

Postage setup

  • You can now setup postage for quantity against Australian postcode


  • A brand new theme chooser for your site

NetON Commerce v1–AntEater is now live

We have been busy last few months building our DIY eCommerce solution – NetON Commerce. The DIY shopping cart solution is specifically built for the Australian Market and has a host of new features to allow you to market and sell your products more effectively.

We have now released v1 called AntEater.

AntEater comes with the following updates:

– You can now assign your domain to NetON Commerce and have the store live on NetON Commerce
– You can now add CMS pages to the platform
– You can add Product variations easily for each product

To celebrate Anteater, here’s some wine.

NetON Commerce Anteater

Learn More about NetON Commerce here

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