NetON Commerce v2 – Bumble bee is now live

NetON Commerce v2 – Bumble bee is now live

If you have been following all the exciting things at NetON lately, we have been busy last few months building our DIY eCommerce solution – NetON Commerce.  We released version 1 – AntEater in Mid February which was the first full working version of the platform.  NetON Commerce is a The DIY shopping cart solution is specifically built for the Australian Market and has a host of new features to allow you to market and sell your products more effectively.

Over the last month, the NetON Labs team has been very busy getting our first client on board and getting them live. We have also had a vast number of improvements on the platform. As the platform grows, the more complex it gets and getting the first client live means that all your modules, thousands of lines of code, all the rules, promotions needs to work with each other to provide a seamless experience to the visitor and help them research, decide and purchase from the store.

To celebrate Bumblebee here is a video that signifies what it means for different components to work in unison to create something amazing. Please scroll after the video to view new features and releases on this version.

NetON Commerce BumbleBee Release Notes:

Adding Products to Online store

  • Complete revamp of the way you add products to the store
  • You can now have unlimited product variations and images for each products
  • You can now manage inventory for each product

Store Management

  • One click for maintenance mode

Postage setup

  • You can now setup postage for quantity against Australian postcode


  • A brand new theme chooser for your site