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We have over 10 years of experience working through most Marketing Automation providers such as Marketo and Pardot.

NetON – Leading Marketing Automation Agency

We are a web, email and Marketing Automation agency based in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. Our team has been working with online platforms since 2005 and actively working with  Marketing Automation platforms since 2009. Our team consists of online experts in Lead Generation, Websites and Mobile Apps, Marketing Automation and CRM platforms.

Marketing Automation is all about overall strategy and detail execution. All the cogs need to work together to deliver the grand vision and cogs that are not working need to be oiled/replaced to work effectively. If you are bogged down by content creation, website issues, spam, cold leads or lack of leads, sales misalignment etc then you need a partner who can come and help you solve these issues effectively.

Our Marketing Automation Model

We employ a simple but efficient Marketing Automation model which is easy to understand but covers all the aspects and touch points of a Marketing Automation system.


This stage is all about getting visitors attention, generating leads and creating brand awareness and content engagement.


Once you have the leads details or the lead focused, we use education, nurture and targeted messaging to engage them more and help them make a purchasing decision slowly pushing out hot leads to the next step


This process is all about opportunity management and helping a prospect and lead through the decision process.


Post conversion, we employ a number of strategies to keep the customer happy, make sure they have everything they need, all previous customer hurdles have been ironed out and we can easily pick out any red flags and action them.

Marketing Automation Components

We work thorough a number of Marketing Automation components with our Clients and partners. A Marketing Automation support and development usually consists of any and all of these components built and setup for a client.

Marketing Automation for any budget

We employ 3 types of services, do it yourself, do it with us and let us do it for you. So we can help you even if you don’t have any budget. In the DIY model, tell us where you are and what you are trying to achieve and we’ll create a customised training program for you. Do it with us lets us do all the technical work while you work on the daily marketing and finally “let us do it for you” is where you want us to do it all for you while you put your feet up. Please fill out the form on the right to start 🙂

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    Data Cleansing

    Often when starting on Marketing Automation, a company’s customer data is in multiple locations with different database structures. Also most likely than not, data is not properly maintained and there is old,bad and inaccurate data. Our Data Cleansing services helps you score your database, clean up your database and combine your database into one single customer list.

    Data Analysis

    We have a number of tools to help you score, analyse and check your data. Our Data Analysis provides you with a full filterable report that you can use to analyse, slice and dice and group your customers and leads based on their demographic and behavioural attributes.

    Data Management

    When you have got a clean master list of data which syncs between your CRM system and your Marketing Automation system, you need to make sure that it maintains itself as much as possible as you move with your marketing efforts. Our team usually helps companies figure out where data is turning bad/inaccurate and put periodical campaigns/triggers in place which tries to keep your data as clean and accurate as possible.

    Dynamic Data Lists

    Our Team works with you in setting up Dynamic Data lists which you can use for your campaigns and Marketing efforts moving forward. The more segmented your data is and the more personalised your messaging, the better your end marketing results will be. As such we help and work on Dynamic lists which you can use to make your messaging more targeted and personalised to your audience.

    Lead Scoring

    Lead Score is a value assigned to each lead based on their Demographics and Activity against your marketing and sales channels. This allows you to prioritise leads to be passed to sales team and generate higher conversion. Our lead scoring system allows you to do all 3 types of of lead scoring, explicit, implicit and presence scoring.

    CRM Integration

    Providing Sales teams marketing data is essential to closing opportunities. Integrating your Marketing Automation platform with your CRM allows you to do just this. Your sales teams are able to prioritise leads based on scoring and see activity history to help provide a better interaction and recommendations for opportunities.

    Lead Assignment

    Having a big sales team has its complexities. Setting up Lead Assignment can save time by automatically assigning the lead to the right Sales person based on company’s business rules. Lead Assignments can be based on Location, round robin or any other demographic/behavioural factors.

    Lead Activity Analysis

    NetON’s Marketing Automation team can analyse your leads, their demographic and behavioural data and suggest improvements to your Marketing and Online assets.

    Conversion Forms

    Conversion Forms are a key part of your Marketing Automation Strategy. We recommend and install Conversion Forms on each of your key traffic pages. All information about visitors who fill in the conversion forms, end up in the Marketing Automation platform (and the CRM) and alerts are sent out to you and Sales Teams. The form we use on this page is an example of a conversion form.

    Landing Pages

    Landing Pages are one of the most important part of your Marketing Automation Strategy. Properly designed and tested Landing pages help you turn visitors into leads. Landing pages help turn your marketing and advertising expense into sales revenue for the company. We recommend setting up a number of Landing pages and optimising existing landing pages to fine tune the conversion process.

    Emails and Nurtures

    While Landing Pages and Conversion forms get you leads, emails and nurtures help you turn that lead into an opportunity. Emails need to be well designed, responsive and have a clear CTA to inform and help your lead make a clear decision.

    Testing and Targeting

    The only way to improve your Marketing Assets is by testing and targeting your conversion and informational assets. So any asset that is a touchpoint in the customer conversion cycle needs to be constantly tested and targeted to make sure that it is relevant, informative and converting for you and your customers.

    Content Marketing

    Content Marketing is a key strategy to fill out the top of your conversion Funnel. NetON’s content team can help provide recommendations, generate content, setup social media posts, blogs, feeds to help find and consume your content. Our proprietary TSM methodology takes guessing and hoping out of the picture and helps you generate your content to match one of your goals.

    Search Engine Optimisation

    Is your website and landing pages Search Engine Optimised? Talk to NetON’s SEO Melbourne team to generate more visitors, increase your traffic, life your keywords and increase conversions. For more information on how we work with SEO, please visit our Search Engine Optimisation Page.

    Paid Advertising

    Along with Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Advertising is a great way to get a lot of visitors to your conversion pages. With Paid Advertising you can target a more segmented group of customers and funnel them to targeted pages making the content more relevant to what they are looking for. Please visit our paid Advertising page to get more information on this service.

    Website Conversion Optimisation

    Your website is your best sleeper Lead Generation asset available to you. In the B2B world, websites are mostly built to generate traffic and to dump a company’s knowledge on the internet and whatever return they get is generally accepted. We recommend that you run a conversion optimisation on your website to generate more conversions from your website. Once your website is optimised for conversion, you generally will see more leads coming from the same number of visitors.

    Smart Alerts

    Let your new Marketing Automation platform work for you by setting up Smart Alerts and notifications. Examples of smart alerts are notifications when say lead has resurfaced on your site after a long time and is looking at a number of key pages, a lead has interacted with your marketing assets and their lead score indicates that they are a hot lead, when an opportunity hasn’t had any activity on your site in over a week etc.

    AI Chatbots and Help Assistants

    Want a better way of providing answers and help to your customers, use NetON’s AI tools to help you provide a better solution to your clients. Our AI tools are powered by BabAI and help you interact with customers and also help provide a knowledge base internally to your sales teams.

    Big Data and Campaign Dashboarding

    Are you running big campaigns, multi-language, international campaigns that use a number of different marketing channels and use multiple touch points. We can help setup Big Data and Campaign Dash-boarding using tools like Google Data Studio, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau to make sense of all the data and action the results.

    Reporting and Analytics

    You can’t improve what you can’t measure. All of NetON’s marketing is data driven and data is collected at every touch point and with every channel. We use a number of reporting tools and dashboarding solutions to help you keep an eye out on your KPIs as well as dive deep to get into the minute details.

    Call Script development

    Do you have an inside sales team? Are you looking at developing an inside sales capability? We can develop call scripts for initial conversation and follow up conversation to help your team ask the right questions, get an accurate problem description to help your senior sales team get to a solution quickly and close deals faster.

    Result based Conversion Copywriting

    We can review your website and landing pages and make them more conversion focused. We start by optimising the copy to make it more conversion optimised and intent 2 result oriented. This means changes to titles, descriptions, images and call 2 actions. All the changes are done in stages and split tested to make sure the changes are making an impact to your KPIs.

    Spam Management

    With forms and lead gen strategies comes a whole lot of spam. This is an unnecessary distraction and can impact your business negatively from IT, Marketing to Sales. We can help create honeypots, recaptcha and put rules in your Marketing Automation plaform to get rid of most of these spam so that you can just focus on quality leads.

    Account Based Marketing

    Account Based Marketing is starting to become one of the best strategies for bigger companies. While relatively new and only right for some bigger companies, it can be hard to get your marketing to evolve from traditional Marketing Automation to ABM. We help companies put steps, strategies, value props and integrated marketing in place to execute and run Account Based Marketing successfully.

    Our Marketing Automation Engagement Models

    Do It Yourself Marketing Automation

    Have a chat to us about what you want to achieve and what problems you are facing and we’ll create a customised plan that you can use to improve your Marketing Automation. No charge. Really.

    Do it Together

    We handle all the technical and the real nerdy stuff and you handle the day to day running and managing of your campaigns.

    We do it all

    We do all the groundwork and you take it easy, we will setup the platform, do the integrations, setup a marketing automation strategy, run the campaigns and provide you with a dashboard that shows you how it’s all working in real time.

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      We work with the following Marketing Automation platforms


      Special Marketing Automation Quick Start Bundle

      We are currently offering a special on our Marketing Automation Quick Start Bundle. This bundle includes 2 responsive email templates, 2 responsive landing page templates and a drip nurture program of upto 10 emails. You can either choose to have the templates or have it set it up on your Marketing Automation Platform (Hubspot, Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot). Please contact us for more information about this bundle.

      Faster Email Marketing HTML Creation

      After working on it for almost a year, we are proud to announce a new technology that allows us to create  Responsive HTML Email Marketing Templates with a new level of precision and accuracy. The new technology allows us to turn PSDs into HTML Email Marketing using the latest frameworks such as Foundation for Emails by Zurb, MJML and others faster and with less errors. The emails are already tested in Microsoft Outlook, Gmail and iPhone 6s so you can be confident that they work as intended.  Having faster HTML generation tools can really cut down on campaign build and execution time for Marketing Automation.

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