Optimising Landing Pages with Analytics, heatmaps, mouse trails and A/B testing

Every business has a website, every business has microsites and landing pages. If you have a business, that is focused online,  most likely you have got heaps of these customer landing pages.  Also most likely money is being spent on building these pages, Search Engine Optimisation, Pay per clicks (PPC) and Social Media Marketing(SMM) to drive leads and customers to these landing pages.

One could argue that these are the most important online assets for any company. However the way businesses usually go about building and running these pages are not targeted to optimum conversion. Most likely the pages gets briefed first, goes to a designer, gets approved, Search Engine Optimisation, PPC and SMM get added at the end, to drive users to these assets.

There is usually minimal check up on these pages at the start, you then look at reports every few weeks, let the campaign run, collate full reports at the end of the campaign and compare that with other campaigns.  You probably look at overall clicks, form fill-outs or purchases, but not necessary user behaviour. The only time you may go back and change these pages is if the metrics were really different (read as bad different) from any other times for example if you are getting no conversion, bounce rates are unusually high etc.

While this works for most marketers, and is an industry standard, you are still not optimising your page to the full extent. As a marketer, you should be always trying to get the highest conversion on all of your assets right from the start of the campaign.  A 10% conversion on a page compared to a 5% conversion is twice the revenue for the duration of that campaign.

As such, at NetON we are happy to introduce a range of tools, that allows you to test your landing pages, get deeper insights into your conversion and study user behaviour on a much concentrated level. Using these, you are almost guaranteed to squeeze higher conversion from all of your digital landing pages.

NetON Analytics:

NetON Analytics allows you to get an in-depth understanding of user behaviour for each visitor on your site. You can view when person x comes from Google using keyword y, they go to pages a, b and c before filling out a form.  Usually we don’t look at this level of analytics but at the start of any campaign, we recommend that you at least look at a bunch of visitors page by page movements.

NetON heatmaps:

This is a new tool that we have just introduced, this gives you heat map information on your pages, mouse trail information, clicks on pages and scroll depth on your landing pages. Now you really know how many visitors go to the very bottom and look at that fantastic footer that you have crafted.

NetON heatmaps is available for all clients now and more information about the product is coming soon.

A/B Testing:

Finally the last thing you want to do is A/B test your site. We can strategise and create A/B  testing scenarios for you based on your content. Alternatively you can use our landing page platform to build pages yourself and run your own experiments. Does $10 off work better than 20% off on your product.  You can test all scenarios to make sure that you are using the right components that give you the highest return on your investment in you page.

How to add a user or administrator to a Google Analytics Account

Adding a user to a Google Analytics profile allows that user to view reports for the website/profile by logging into their analytics account.  Adding an admin means that they can add new users, create new reports etc.

Here is how to add a user/admin

  • Go to google.com/analytics and log inGoogle Analytics Sign In
  • Once logged in, select the profile which you want to share with the userGoogl Analytics Profile
  • When you are in the profile, click under admin on the nav bar on the top rightGoogle Analytics Profile Admin
  • Select the profile againGoogle Analytics Profile
  • Click on Users and on + New UserAdding User to Google Analytics Profile
  • Provide the email address for user, pick if you want them to be admin and if you want to notify them via email and click on Add UserAdding User to Google Analytics - User Details

    This will allow the user with the email address to access reports for this profile under their Google Analytics account.

Adding goals to NetON Analytics

Want to set up a custom goal for NetON Analytics? Please follow these steps to set up a custom Goal.

Please note that you need to be an admin before you can setup Goals.

NetON Analytics Goals

You can set up different types of Goals can be setup in NetON analytics. We recommend setting up Goals for all of your conversion metrics. Usually this goals is attained when a visitor reaches a page on your site (like a thank you page after downloading or purchasing something).

To setup a Goal, visit the main reporting page on NetON Analytics, then Click on Goals on the main nav and Setup on the second Nav.

Goals Navigation

Please fill out the first part:

Goals Basic Setup

  • Please leave the Active Box Ticked to keep the Goal Active.
  • Please enter a descriptive name for the Goal. Over time you are likely to have a large number of Goals so its easier to be as descriptive as possible for your Name.
  • Enter the Url of the page which identifies this goal (e.g. /download/thankyou.html) or if the goal is for the user to go to anther site (e.g. http://www.othersite.com/link.html) etc. You can also use * as a wildcard (e.g. http://www.othersite.com/download/*)
  • Select an icon from the list

Advanced Goal Settings

Goals - Advanced Settings

  • The Funnel has 5 settings as explained below
    • No Funnel –  means that the user only has to go the the page/link mentioned above
    • URL – The user has to go to this url first and then the final url mentioned above for this goal to be complete
    • Campaign – The user has to come from a specific campaign and go to the url for this goal to be complete
    • Search – The user has to search for the keyword and then go to the url for this goal to be complete
    • Referring Domain – The user has to come from a specific domain and go to the url for this goal to be complete
  • You can specify a revenue against the goal (e.g if this was a booking thank you page and the booking cost is $xx, then you can put that in here)
  • You can specify the cost (e.g if you are using a PPC campaign)
  • Exact match – Ticking this box will force the exact urls where entered (please leave this unchecked unless specified)
  • More than once – Ticking this box will mean a single visitor can register multiple goals by going to the same page twice or more (unless it is a purchase, we recommend leaving this unchecked)
  • Manual Goal – Please leave this unchecked unless you have a developer who is developing goals for you on the actual code of the site.

If you are creating a Goal similar to an existing Goal, it will be much easier to view how the previous Goal was setup before creating a new Goal.

Once complete, click on Submit and NetON Analytics will start registering this goal in real time.

NetON Analytics now integrates with Magento Commerce

NetON Analytics

NetON has recently launched our own Analytics Platform – NetON Analytics which simplifies analytics and makes it easy to access it via admin panels in WordPress and Drupal. Our in-built plug-ins allow you to connect NetON Analytics to your sites easily and access reports via your private url, admin dashboard or an app on your mobile.

Magento Commerce Plug-in for NetON Analytics

We have now created an integration plug-in for Magento Commerce. This means that you can integrate NetON Analytics directly with your Magento Commerce website and access analytics data from your Magento Admin area when you log in.


  • Visitor reports for today, yesterday, last week, dates and date ranges
  • Customisable dashboards for users
  • Breakdown of Google Adwords (without requiring Adwords Integration)
  • Custom Goals setup
  • Visitors by Country, Region, City
  • Individual visitor tracking
  • Individual visitor journey
  • and more…

Magento Customised Features

  • How many visits to each category
  • Most popular products
  • Conversion via SEO compared to SEM
  • Keyword to Conversion Reporting
  • Ecommerce reporting
  • and more….

Access to NetON Analytics – Magento Plugin

Access to the plugin is currently only limited to existing NetON Magento customers as a value add, but we are happy to discuss your requirements. Pricing starts at $20 per month. Please get in touch to set this up.

netON Analytics Android App coming soon

It has been a month since we launched netON Analytics as a simpler, more robust alternative to Google Analytics. NetON Analytics comes with a connector for WordPress and Drupal making it easier to view analytics report from the Admin/User Dashboard of the CMS platforms.

This is all great however nowadays most of our time is spent by consuming information on mobiles. So to make it easier for our clients, we are launching an Android app for netON Analytics.

NetON Analytics Android App

NetON Analytics Android Application is expected to launch mid August. This will allow you to save your website information on your android phone and browse through the stats on the go in realtime.

To get updated when we launch the app, please subscribe to our blog on the right hand side >>

NetON Analytics Launch

netON Visitor Analytics

We have just launched a new analytics platform called netON Analytics. At the early stages, netON Analytics provides user information and individual user path information for visitors on your site. As of today, this can be used on any websites as well as integrated into WordPresss with our stats plugin (For this you will need to be hosted on one of our WordPress friendly servers).

Who should use netON Analytics

netON Analytics is perfect for small to medium websites. If you don’t want to log into Google Analytics and it is too complex for you, netON Analytics can help you make sense of the data overload.

For B2B clients, you will be able to see detailed paths for visitors and tag visitors so that you can track your leads better. If you are already using a CMS such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, we can connect netON Analytics with your platform so that when someone fills out a form, they are already tagged and identified in your reports.

Advantages of using netON Analytics

  • Detailed visitor path reports
  • Realtime dashboard available directly from your WordPress or Drupal website
  • Video tracking (needs some coding)
  • Dashboard setup from inside your CMS

netON Analytics and Google Analytics

We recommend using netON Analytics and Google Analytics both on your site side by side to get the best advantage. While Google Analytics provides very detailed analytics on all aspects of your site. netON Analytics provides reporting on your dashboard and allows you to track individual visitors.

Existing Clients?

If you are an existing WordPress client with netON, netON analytics with the wordpress plugin is available from $10 per month. Please get in touch with us for more information.

SMART Website

netON Analytics brings us one step closer to building a SMART website for small to medium businesses in Australia. Please stay tuned for more information about our upcoming netON SMART website.

WordPress Plugin to see how far a page has been scrolled

We have just built a wordpress plugin that tells you how far a page has been scrolled. This is available to all existing clients with wordpress installations with us.

Home Page scroll

How far does your visitor scroll down the home page?
Is it better to have your content on the top of the page?
Is it okay to have a long scrolling page?

The plugin will allow you to know exactly how far your wordpress home page is being scrolled so that you can provide better content to your visitors.

Blog Page

Another area where this plugin will be helpful is the main blog page. By default blog pages will have at least 10 posts with excerpts, social media buttons and links. This causes quite a long page. With the new plugin, you will be able to make a decision on how much posts is the correct amount on the page.

Activating the functionality on your WordPress website

Please get in touch with us to set up a time to set this up and to find out how to get the reports on how far your pages are being scrolled.