NetON Analytics Launch

NetON Analytics Launch

netON Visitor Analytics

We have just launched a new analytics platform called netON Analytics. At the early stages, netON Analytics provides user information and individual user path information for visitors on your site. As of today, this can be used on any websites as well as integrated into WordPresss with our stats plugin (For this you will need to be hosted on one of our WordPress friendly servers).

Who should use netON Analytics

netON Analytics is perfect for small to medium websites. If you don’t want to log into Google Analytics and it is too complex for you, netON Analytics can help you make sense of the data overload.

For B2B clients, you will be able to see detailed paths for visitors and tag visitors so that you can track your leads better. If you are already using a CMS such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, we can connect netON Analytics with your platform so that when someone fills out a form, they are already tagged and identified in your reports.

Advantages of using netON Analytics

  • Detailed visitor path reports
  • Realtime dashboard available directly from your WordPress or Drupal website
  • Video tracking (needs some coding)
  • Dashboard setup from inside your CMS

netON Analytics and Google Analytics

We recommend using netON Analytics and Google Analytics both on your site side by side to get the best advantage. While Google Analytics provides very detailed analytics on all aspects of your site. netON Analytics provides reporting on your dashboard and allows you to track individual visitors.

Existing Clients?

If you are an existing WordPress client with netON, netON analytics with the wordpress plugin is available from $10 per month. Please get in touch with us for more information.

SMART Website

netON Analytics brings us one step closer to building a SMART website for small to medium businesses in Australia. Please stay tuned for more information about our upcoming netON SMART website.