Adding goals to NetON Analytics

Adding goals to NetON Analytics

Want to set up a custom goal for NetON Analytics? Please follow these steps to set up a custom Goal.

Please note that you need to be an admin before you can setup Goals.

NetON Analytics Goals

You can set up different types of Goals can be setup in NetON analytics. We recommend setting up Goals for all of your conversion metrics. Usually this goals is attained when a visitor reaches a page on your site (like a thank you page after downloading or purchasing something).

To setup a Goal, visit the main reporting page on NetON Analytics, then Click on Goals on the main nav and Setup on the second Nav.

Goals Navigation

Please fill out the first part:

Goals Basic Setup

  • Please leave the Active Box Ticked to keep the Goal Active.
  • Please enter a descriptive name for the Goal. Over time you are likely to have a large number of Goals so its easier to be as descriptive as possible for your Name.
  • Enter the Url of the page which identifies this goal (e.g. /download/thankyou.html) or if the goal is for the user to go to anther site (e.g. etc. You can also use * as a wildcard (e.g.*)
  • Select an icon from the list

Advanced Goal Settings

Goals - Advanced Settings

  • The Funnel has 5 settings as explained below
    • No Funnel –  means that the user only has to go the the page/link mentioned above
    • URL – The user has to go to this url first and then the final url mentioned above for this goal to be complete
    • Campaign – The user has to come from a specific campaign and go to the url for this goal to be complete
    • Search – The user has to search for the keyword and then go to the url for this goal to be complete
    • Referring Domain – The user has to come from a specific domain and go to the url for this goal to be complete
  • You can specify a revenue against the goal (e.g if this was a booking thank you page and the booking cost is $xx, then you can put that in here)
  • You can specify the cost (e.g if you are using a PPC campaign)
  • Exact match – Ticking this box will force the exact urls where entered (please leave this unchecked unless specified)
  • More than once – Ticking this box will mean a single visitor can register multiple goals by going to the same page twice or more (unless it is a purchase, we recommend leaving this unchecked)
  • Manual Goal – Please leave this unchecked unless you have a developer who is developing goals for you on the actual code of the site.

If you are creating a Goal similar to an existing Goal, it will be much easier to view how the previous Goal was setup before creating a new Goal.

Once complete, click on Submit and NetON Analytics will start registering this goal in real time.