Magento Commerce 2.0 released–What’s new?

Magento 2.0 delivers a revolutionary update to both of their finest products on the market, both Community and Enterprise Edition are improved vastly since the last variant. Here we’ll show you what has change since. Features Compatibility Concept of View JQuery Library New Performance Component Oriented Architecture Directories Structure Automated Testing Better Security Class Alias […]

Mangento Commerce Setup Update – Email Routing and Logs

We are now routing all Magento Commerce emails through a dedicated email server and keeping all logs of any emails.  We are now rolling out this feature to most of our Magento Clients and the platform will be everyone will automatically have this feature updated to their installs. If you notice that your email is […]

Magento Commerce – Shopping Cart Abandonment Plugin now available

We have just released a final version of our Shopping Cart abandonment plugin for Magento Commerce. This means that for your online store, you can now connect an abandonment email when registered users don’t complete the purchase Here are the features of the plugin: – Allows you to set a time when the email will […]

Magento Commerce – Shopping Cart Abandonment Email Plugin

We are currently working on a plugin that allows you to send emails to your customers who have abandoned their shopping carts. This plugin is due to be released in the next couple of days. Here is how the plugin works: Setup You set up the plugin to send out an email xx minutes after […]

Magento Commerce integrated with WordPress Blog

We have just done a full integration of Magento Commerce with WordPress and the results are amazing. The integration combines the most popular eCommerce platform with the most popular blogging platform in the world. Screenshot 1: This is our demo Magento Store. The blog link comes on the top of the page next to Login. […]

Magento Commerce Plugin – NetON Analytics –Integrated One Page Checkout Funnel Analytics

NetON Analytics with Magento Commerce Integration Last week we rolled our our NetON Analytics plugin/extension for Magento Commerce which gives you much better, integrated and readily avaliable analytics on your Magento Store. You are able to log in directly to your Magento Admin and see reports about where your customers are coming from, what products […]

New Magento Commerce Demo Stores

We are currently building a number of demo Magento Commerce stores to showcase  the full capability of Magento Commerce. These stores will help existing clients and future clients understand what features Magento has and also how they can customise their store for the best performance. Initially we will be running with 3 demo stores Electronics […]

NetON Analytics now integrates with Magento Commerce

NetON Analytics NetON has recently launched our own Analytics Platform – NetON Analytics which simplifies analytics and makes it easy to access it via admin panels in WordPress and Drupal. Our in-built plug-ins allow you to connect NetON Analytics to your sites easily and access reports via your private url, admin dashboard or an app […]

Magento Commerce API Development

Magento Commerce is a highly flexible and arguably the most popular open source eCommerce platform currently. By itself Magento is very powerful for a small retailer all the way to a large/enterprise retailer. Magento Commerce 1.7 and API The new version of Magento Commerce comes with an updated version of the REST api which builds […]

Magento Extensions – What to install after a standard installation

Magento is the most flexible and the most popular open source eCommerce platform in the Market right now. By itself Magento is very powerful for a small retailer all the way to a large/enterprise retailer. By Itself Magento give you the best eCommerce SEO capabilities, flexible products, payments and integrations. However if you are not […]