Magento Extensions – What to install after a standard installation

Magento Extensions – What to install after a standard installation

Magento Extension and Custom Development

Magento is the most flexible and the most popular open source eCommerce platform in the Market right now. By itself Magento is very powerful for a small retailer all the way to a large/enterprise retailer. By Itself Magento give you the best eCommerce SEO capabilities, flexible products, payments and integrations.

However if you are not using any custom development, you are only leveraging half the power of Magento. The Magento Connect provides thousands of Magento Extensions (Free and Paid) that you can use to make your platform even faster.

Here are some extensions that you can use in your platform:

Magento Speeding Extensions:

These extensions help speed up your Magento Platform.  Because of its flexibility and robustness, Magento has a lot of code to churn before producing a page, as such Magento is pretty slow in normal web hosts and also on faster servers. The best way to speed Magento is to use caching however that also leaves it a bit sluggish sometimes. Installing a Speeding Extension helps load the images and javascript faster making the page load faster.

Product zoom Extensions:

These extension allow you to customise the zoom functionality on your products. The standard zoom functionality in Magento leaves a bit to be desired.

Email Marketing Integration

The Magento Marketing capability is not in par with most Email Marketing solutions. A read advantage in marketing is to connect your Magento store to your email marketing solution.

Better Analytics Extensions

Even though Magento is integrated with Google Analytics, it doesn’t have the best reporting capability. We recommend installing a better analytics extension and connecting it to Google so that you can get reporting such as Cart Conversion Funnel, Adwords Conversion Reports etc.

Blog Extension

A store is not enough to get the best out of SEO, so we recommend a blog extension so that you can start writing blogs and getting more visitors to your Magento store.

Custom Magento Extension/Plugin Development

netON also has a team of Magento Developers who can (1) help you implement any plugin to your online store or (2) build custom extensions for your online store. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have more specific requirements.

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