Creating a new custom tab in Facebook Timeline 2012

Creating a new custom tab in Facebook Timeline 2012

What you need to set up your custom tab in Facebook Timeline

  • A facebook account
  • A html/website built which you want to show as a tab in Facebook and needs to be securely hosted using SSL
    (if you don’t have this, please check out our platform that allows you to do that
  • A large icon for your tab thumbnail (75 x 75 pixels or slightly smaller)
  • A small icon for your tab thumbnail (16 x 16 pixels)

Step 1: Set up your Facebook App

  • Visit Facebook Developers Apps Page:
  • Click on + Create New App button
  • Fill out the details for your app name and namespace (please note that namespace  should be at least 7 characters and can only have small letters, dashes and underscores)
    Facebook Tab in Timeline - Create New App
  • Click Continue
  • You may be required to do a security check at this stage, please complete the check
    Facebook Tab in Timeline - Security Check


Step 2: Editing the thumbnails

  • Hover your mouse over the main image and click on edit to edit the main icon (75×75 pixels image).
    Facebook Fan Page - Editing Thumbnails
  • Click on the edit icon link near the small icon and upload the smaller image (16 x 16 pixels)
    Facebook Fan Page - Finished Thumbnails
  • Please make a note of your APP ID as we will need this for the final step


Step 3: Facebook App Basic Info

  • Enter a contact email
  • Enter the App domain (the main domain without the www, and the http://) where your page is hosted
  • Select your Category
    Facebook Page App - Basic Info

Step 4: Website with Facebook Login

  • the Site URL needs to be filled with your website page url where your website is hosted
    Please make a note of this url as we will need this for the final step
    Facebook Page App - Website with Facebook Login

Step 4 : Page Tab

  • Please tick the Page Tab box and put in all the information
  • Fill up the Page Tab Name (this will show up in your main Facebook timeline so you need to fill this properly)
  • Fill in the Page Tab URL (this will need to be http:// the unsecure url)
  • Fill in the Secure Page Tab URL (this will need to be https://)
    Note: If you are using our SOSL platform you can use the same url but just have https:// on the Secure page tab
  • Click on Change on Page Tab Image and provide a good image ( this image should be 111×74 pixels or less)
  • Select the Tab Width as Wide 810 pixels (this can be 520px if you are working on a 520px page)
  • click on save changes
    Facebook Fan Page - Page Tab Details

Step 5: Adding this tab to your Facebook Fan Page

  • Now you need the APP ID or API Key and the Site URL to continue
  • if you didn’t save it head back to , click on the app name on the left and copy the APP ID/ API Key and Site URL
  • Now you have the information head over to our Tools section
  • On the main url on this page , Select Tools > Add Tab to Facebook Timeline
    neton Tools to Add tab to Facebook Timeline 2012
  • Enter your app id on the first box
  • Enter your Site URL on the second Box
  • Click Submit
  • It will come up with a link to visit to add the page to your fan page
    Generate link to Add tab to Facebook Timeline 2012
  • It will then ask you which page to add the tab to. Select the page and click on Add Page Tab to complete.
    Add Page Tab Dialog - Facebook