Adding Like and Tweet Buttons to your email campaigns

Are you using netON Email Platform or DzineClub’s Email Marketing Platform?
Here is how to add like and tweet buttons to your email campaign.

  1. Open a campaign you are working with.
  2. If you are not already in the editor, click on edit to go into the editor
  3. Put your cursor where you want the like/tweet button to appearStep 1: Facebook Like and Tweet Buttons for Emails
  4. Click on Insert > Social Sharing > Like
  5. Step 2 - Facebook Like and Tweet Buttons for Emails
  6. You can then choose which url will be liked when the user clicks on it, you can either link it to the email or to the page you are linking the content to or even your website Smile
  7. Step 3 - Facebook Like and Tweet Buttons for Emails
  8. Then you can press space so that there is a gap between the like and tweet buttons
  9. Step 4 - Facebook Like and Tweet Buttons for Emails - Adding LIke Button
  10. And finally the tweet button
  11. Step 5 - Facebook Like and Tweet Buttons for Emails - Adding Tweet Button
  12. Click on Save Changes to make changes to the block and please click on Preview to preview the changes.
  13. As always, please make sure you test, test, test before you send out your campaign
  14. Once your campaign is out, you can click on Social Sharing report to see how many likes and tweets this has generated
    Social Sharing Report
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