Creating a new custom tab in Facebook Timeline 2012

What you need to set up your custom tab in Facebook Timeline

  • A facebook account
  • A html/website built which you want to show as a tab in Facebook and needs to be securely hosted using SSL
    (if you don’t have this, please check out our platform that allows you to do that
  • A large icon for your tab thumbnail (75 x 75 pixels or slightly smaller)
  • A small icon for your tab thumbnail (16 x 16 pixels)

Step 1: Set up your Facebook App

  • Visit Facebook Developers Apps Page:
  • Click on + Create New App button
  • Fill out the details for your app name and namespace (please note that namespace  should be at least 7 characters and can only have small letters, dashes and underscores)
    Facebook Tab in Timeline - Create New App
  • Click Continue
  • You may be required to do a security check at this stage, please complete the check
    Facebook Tab in Timeline - Security Check


Step 2: Editing the thumbnails

  • Hover your mouse over the main image and click on edit to edit the main icon (75×75 pixels image).
    Facebook Fan Page - Editing Thumbnails
  • Click on the edit icon link near the small icon and upload the smaller image (16 x 16 pixels)
    Facebook Fan Page - Finished Thumbnails
  • Please make a note of your APP ID as we will need this for the final step


Step 3: Facebook App Basic Info

  • Enter a contact email
  • Enter the App domain (the main domain without the www, and the http://) where your page is hosted
  • Select your Category
    Facebook Page App - Basic Info

Step 4: Website with Facebook Login

  • the Site URL needs to be filled with your website page url where your website is hosted
    Please make a note of this url as we will need this for the final step
    Facebook Page App - Website with Facebook Login

Step 4 : Page Tab

  • Please tick the Page Tab box and put in all the information
  • Fill up the Page Tab Name (this will show up in your main Facebook timeline so you need to fill this properly)
  • Fill in the Page Tab URL (this will need to be http:// the unsecure url)
  • Fill in the Secure Page Tab URL (this will need to be https://)
    Note: If you are using our SOSL platform you can use the same url but just have https:// on the Secure page tab
  • Click on Change on Page Tab Image and provide a good image ( this image should be 111×74 pixels or less)
  • Select the Tab Width as Wide 810 pixels (this can be 520px if you are working on a 520px page)
  • click on save changes
    Facebook Fan Page - Page Tab Details

Step 5: Adding this tab to your Facebook Fan Page

  • Now you need the APP ID or API Key and the Site URL to continue
  • if you didn’t save it head back to , click on the app name on the left and copy the APP ID/ API Key and Site URL
  • Now you have the information head over to our Tools section
  • On the main url on this page , Select Tools > Add Tab to Facebook Timeline
    neton Tools to Add tab to Facebook Timeline 2012
  • Enter your app id on the first box
  • Enter your Site URL on the second Box
  • Click Submit
  • It will come up with a link to visit to add the page to your fan page
    Generate link to Add tab to Facebook Timeline 2012
  • It will then ask you which page to add the tab to. Select the page and click on Add Page Tab to complete.
    Add Page Tab Dialog - Facebook

User Photo Upload and Voting Plugin for Facebook: Sosl



User Photo Competitions on Facebook powered by

We have just enabled a user photo upload and voting plugin for Facebook powered by our own customised platform Sosl. This functionality will enable you to set up new photo competitions in Facebook and allow your fans to vote on them.

Here is how it works


All the users have to register before they can start posting pictures. They will set up a username and an email address (plus any other fields that you may need) before they can start posting.

Posting Pictures:

Once registered, a user can click on upload photo and upload their photo.

Photo Moderation

Any photo that gets uploaded gets moderated by the admin before it becomes live on the platform.

Photo Voting
Once a photo goes live, users can then start upvoting and downvoting photos.

Click here to visit

Click here to schedule a demo

NetON Proudly Supporting TLC for Kids


NetON is proud to announce that it has started working with TLC For Kids in their Social Media campaigns.

TLC for kids supports sick kids and their families through the moments in hospital where fear and distress can take over. TLS for kids distraction services facilitate kids through frightening procedures, and in the crucial 48 hour period following any emotionally challenging situation in hospital.

TLC for kids are the only organisation in Australia fulfilling this need in these timeframes.

SOSL Platform for TLC for Kids

We will be enabling the SOSL platform for TLC which allows them to run viral competitions on Facebook helping them generate more awareness.

Details on the competition will be updated on our blog.

View details for SOSL Facebook Platform

Visit TLC for Kids website

Donate to TLC for Kids

Facebook FanPage CMS and Competitions Platform SOSL Launched

sosl – Facebook FanPage CMS and Competitions

We have just launched the website for our Facebook CMS and Competitions Platform (SOSL).
Please view it at  Sosl allows you to setup your website inside a Facebook FanPage and run competitions from it.

Here is how Sosl can make your life easier

Create a minisite of your website in Facebook

Sosl comes with a easy to setup and use  CMS platform which allows you to set up landing pages, subscription forms as well as a minisite of your main website inside facebook.

Schedule Facebook Statuses

Sosl allows you to schedule your Facebook statuses which will automatically show up in your timeline when published. This means that you can schedule all of your statuses for the next month now and relax while sosl automatically publishes them for you.

Tweet, check messages, check mentions from sosl

Sosl’s dashboard also is connected to your twitter account which means that you can tweet from inside sosl, check messages and mentions and retweet all inside sosl.

Schedule Tweets

You can schedule tweets from inside sosl so that your tweets go out at predefined times

Subscription Forms

Want more users for your newsletter? Please use our subscription feature to set up a subscription field in your sosl page to generate more users.

User Photo Contests

sosl allows you to run User photo contents, where facebook fans upload photos and other fans vote on the photos ultimately deciding the winner. What’s more? you can put a like gate on the page, so that only fans can enter and vote in competitions.

YouTube Video Contests

You can pull your youtube channel into sosl and let your fans like videos. This means you can run competitions based on your youtube videos inside facebook.

Google Analytics on your FanPage

Every sosl account comes with Google Analytics integration, so you can tell how many fans are visiting your fanpage and what content they are looking at.

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