Facebook FanPage CMS and Competitions Platform SOSL Launched

Facebook FanPage CMS and Competitions Platform SOSL Launched

sosl – Facebook FanPage CMS and Competitions

We have just launched the website for our Facebook CMS and Competitions Platform (SOSL).
Please view it at http://www.sosl.com.au.  Sosl allows you to setup your website inside a Facebook FanPage and run competitions from it.

Here is how Sosl can make your life easier

Create a minisite of your website in Facebook

Sosl comes with a easy to setup and use  CMS platform which allows you to set up landing pages, subscription forms as well as a minisite of your main website inside facebook.

Schedule Facebook Statuses

Sosl allows you to schedule your Facebook statuses which will automatically show up in your timeline when published. This means that you can schedule all of your statuses for the next month now and relax while sosl automatically publishes them for you.

Tweet, check messages, check mentions from sosl

Sosl’s dashboard also is connected to your twitter account which means that you can tweet from inside sosl, check messages and mentions and retweet all inside sosl.

Schedule Tweets

You can schedule tweets from inside sosl so that your tweets go out at predefined times

Subscription Forms

Want more users for your newsletter? Please use our subscription feature to set up a subscription field in your sosl page to generate more users.

User Photo Contests

sosl allows you to run User photo contents, where facebook fans upload photos and other fans vote on the photos ultimately deciding the winner. What’s more? you can put a like gate on the page, so that only fans can enter and vote in competitions.

YouTube Video Contests

You can pull your youtube channel into sosl and let your fans like videos. This means you can run competitions based on your youtube videos inside facebook.

Google Analytics on your FanPage

Every sosl account comes with Google Analytics integration, so you can tell how many fans are visiting your fanpage and what content they are looking at.

Click here to visit sosl.com.au

Click here to schedule a demo