New Magento Extension: Collect from Store

New Magento Extension: Collect from Store

We have just created a new Magento Extension that allows your customer to purchase products from your online store and pick it up from store or a local store (if you have multiple store locations).

The “collect from store” extension is very tightly integrated with the whole Magento Experience and will show up on the Confirmation email, the order (admin backend) and the Invoice.

This Extension is best suited for:

  • Companies with multiple stores
  • Franchises
  • Online company with warehouses (where customers can pick up)

Adding Store Locations capability in Magento Backend

The admin of the Magento Store can go into the backend and add multiple store locations. Whatever stores are added are shown in realtime to the customer.

Store Locations Page

The extension also creates a dynamic Store Locations page that can be linked from the navigation bar. The store locations page shows all the store locations, addresses, phone numbers, email address (if chosen to show) and Fax numbers.

There will be a number of upcoming improvements to this extension.

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