Magento Commerce Community Edition 1.7 released

Magento Commerce Community Edition 1.7 released

Magento CE Version 1.7 has just been released at the Magento Imagine Conference. Magento Commerce 1.7 is the upgrade from Magento Commerce and a major release for Magento.

Here are the new features for for 1.7

Mobile Store HTML5

Magento 1.7 brings out an optimised storefront for Mobile devices. Your customers can now shop on their mobile phones. Previously only the checkout was Mobile optimised but version 1.7 brings out optimisation for

  • Media Capabilities (Audio and Video)
  • Mobile friendly search and results
  • Mobile friendly product pages
  • Zooming of images by pinch, multi touch etc
  • Swipe functionality for multiple product images
  • Mobile Optimised cross sell and upsell capabilities
  • Drag and drop shopping cart

Auto Generate Coupon codes

This new functionality allows you to automatically generate coupon codes for promotions and export them for offline use.

Layered Navigation Pricing Improvements

The layered navigation pricing has been enhanced based on having a similar number of products within each range.

Customer Group Pricing

This is a great enhancement which allows you to set different pricing for different user groups (such as wholesalers and retailers) or customers/ prospects, VIPs vs non VIPs.

REST API support

As noted previously, 1.7 comes with REST api making it easier to integrate with Magento through its API. The first iteration allows you to

  • Create a simple product
  • Retrieve details for a simple product
  • Update a simple product
  • Delete a simple product
  • Retrieve a list of orders
  • Retrieve order information for an order
  • Update Catalog Inventory
  • Retrieve Catalog Inventory
  • Create customer information
  • Retrieve details for a customer
  • Update Customer information
  • Delete Customer information

Backup and Rollback

Great for developers. This feature allows you to backup your Magento installation and roll back to the backup. Great for

  • Testing new modules
  • Testing new customisations
  • Upgrading Magento

The types of backup supported are

  1. System Backup
  2. Database Backup
  3. Database and Media Backup

Captcha Support

This is great for cutting down on spam form fills and Account Registrations. This will only allow a person and not bots. This can be enabled for admin as well as customer areas.

For Full details please view the Magento Blog here

Download Magento Commerce 1.7 Final Release here

Click here to request a Magento 1.7 demo from netON