Magento Commerce Plugin – NetON Analytics –Integrated One Page Checkout Funnel Analytics

NetON Analytics with Magento Commerce Integration

Last week we rolled our our NetON Analytics plugin/extension for Magento Commerce which gives you much better, integrated and readily avaliable analytics on your Magento Store. You are able to log in directly to your Magento Admin and see reports about where your customers are coming from, what products they are looking at and get detailed per user analysis on their behavior on your website.

One Page Checkout Funnel Integration

We have now integrated One Page Checkout Funnel Integration into our Plugin. This means that you can now get detailed Funnel Analytics on your One Page Checkout. So far in Magento Commerce, you can only find out if a user went to the one page checkout page and if they filled out the form.

But there are 6 steps on the one page checkout

  • Checkout Method
  • Billing Information
  • Shipping Information
  • Shipping Method
  • Payment Information
  • Order Review


If your store has an issue with any of these steps and your customers are not able to purchase, right now your analytics program wont be able to give you this info.

The new plugin fixes this issue by providing steps and funnels in both NetON Analytics and Google Analytics.

The plugin will

  • create an event everytime a user goes through the steps in Google Analytics
  • log an event everytime a user goes through the steps in NetON Analytics
  • set up different steps as pages in Google Analytics
  • set up different steps and content in NetON Analytics
  • set up Path Analysis in NetON Analytics
  • You will need to set up a conversion funnel in Google Analytics with our guide

More updates

We will be building the NetON Analytics plugin all week and there will be a lot more updates coming out of that. Please subscribe to the blog to stay up to date on new features.

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