New Magento Commerce Demo Stores

New Magento Commerce Demo Stores

We are currently building a number of demo Magento Commerce stores to showcase  the full capability of Magento Commerce. These stores will help existing clients and future clients understand what features Magento has and also how they can customise their store for the best performance.

Initially we will be running with 3 demo stores

Electronics Magento Commerce Store

The electronics store will feature daily deals, extensive product comparison, multiple layering for product finder, customer reviews, gift certificates etc.

Magento Online Electronics Store

Wine Store – Magento Commerce

This store will feature mix and match boxes, discounts on multiple ordering, wine finder, bulk discounts, international shipping, loyalty system etc.

Wine Store - Magento Commerce

Magento Clothing Store

Screenshot for this is coming soon. Please subscribe to our blog on the right hand side to get notified when the Apparel/Clothing store is online.

Please get in touch to access our demo stores while they are being built.