NetON Styler – pick your colour combination for your online projects

NetON Styler – pick your colour combination for your online projects

Imagine this;  you have created a perfect brief for your next web project. You briefed an agency on a website/landing page/ email/ online store and few days later you received a round of designs. It’s great but just not there, the colour combination doesn’t feel right. So you provide your feedback and a few days later you get another round of update, the colours have changed but the whole balance is a little bit off, if only the buttons were a shade lighter or the navigation dark grey now instead of the corporate blue, that might work. You send it back for another round of change and now you are well past your appointed round of changes and it has taken a few weeks to get a few colour updates done on a single landing page.  The project is now over budget and over deadline for no fault of anyone. We have all come across these issues at one point or another and settled for what we were maybe not completely happy with.

Not anymore!

Introducing NetON Styler

Our goal at NetON is to make sure that we are always more efficient and faster at delivering results to our clients. NetON is proud to announce a new way moving forward in Web Development. We think that the addition of this new technology to our stack provides a faster way for us to do development for our clients. We are now rolling out NetON Styler for all of our online projects. This means that for simple colour changes, instead of sending it one of our fabulous designers, you can actually ask for us to prototype the project and pick the colour combination yourself. You can play around with say the navigation area, buttons, highlights, accents, heading colours etc using a few clicks and let us know what combination you are happy with. We will then roll out that combination on your project 🙂

When is NetON Styler rolling out

We are really excited about the fact that this will cut down a lot of time between rolling out projects as well as provide the optimal theme and colours that you want. We are currently testing this new feature on a new site we are building for a telecom website and will share more screenshots when it’s out of Beta testing (ETA end 2017).