Bye bye CSS3, Hello there SASS

Bye bye CSS3, Hello there SASS

Our goal at NetON is to make sure that we are always more efficient and faster at delivering results to our clients. NetON is proud to announce a new way moving forward in Web Development. We believe that this new technology will make it more efficient for us to deliver projects to our clients. We are as such moving from CSS3 to SASS for all our new projects. We are really excited about the fact that this will remove a lot of css errors and cut down significantly in delivering new projects.

What is SASS

SASS is a CSS preprocessor, similar to what PHP is to HTML. SASS allows us to create functions, variables and really simplify CSS development during the project and make it easier to make changes after the project is completed.

Here are some features of SASS

  • Variables so that we can make styling changes in one place and roll it out across a website
  • Nesting to keep the CSS data clean
  • Mixins so that we can make the CSS more modular and faster
  • Extenders which will help us make the CSS code cleaner

What is CSS

CSS is an abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS dictates how a HTML page and its elements look like on different devices. CSS is basically a style layer (kind of like clothing) that sits on top of your website code and makes it look pretty. Although we will still be using CSS technically, the CSS we use will be generated by SASS.

Please note that this change is only for new full projects moving forward. If you would like for us to change your CSS into SASS, we can quote for that separately.