WordPress 5 Beta 1 Release and Features

The newest Major Release for the most popular website CMS in the world WordPress is almost here with the latest release of WordPress 5 Beta 1. The newest version is a Beta Release and is  for the next major version 5 which is due sometime later this year. This release is aimed at bringing major changes and upgrades to the WordPress CMS. WordPress 5 Beta 1 comes with a number of new features as listed below and focuses on bringing major changes and upgrades to the WordPress CMS. We are really excited about the new shiny Gutenberg WYSIWYG editor on this Beta Release.

Whats new in WordPress 5 Beta 1?

This latest update of the most popular website CMS in the world comes with the following features:

A new shiny Gutenberg WYSIWYG editor

This beta release of WordPress 5 come with the shiny new Gutenberg WYSIWYG editor. This editor will eventually replace the current classic WYSIWYG editor that WordPress currently has. Here is a comparison of the two editors.

New Gutenberg Editor
Classic Editor

While Gutenberg editor has had it’s fair share of criticism, we love it here. It’s still a big buggy but its smooth, fast and does the basics.  We are using the Gutenberg editor to write this post. 

Features of Gutenberg Editor

Gutenberg has a number of features which make it easier for developers and website owners/marketing users. 

  • Utilising Gutenberg means that you are using less plugins.  So plugins for tables/ columns and page builders can now be removed completely because Gutenberg editor handles that for you.
  • Gutenberg is more user friendly. Yes it takes a few tries to get your head around it but once it’s done its very easy to use
  • The bugs that are there currently will get ironed out over time and it will work exactly as expected
  • Gutenberg uses blocks allowing you to modularise your content and use different types of contents in different blocks. The available blocks are listed below.
  • Gutenberg uses layout elements so that putting things side by side is a piece of cake. Also what you see in your screen is most likely how it will display to a user as well. 

Available Gutenberg Blocks

  • Paragraph block – For normal text
  • Heading block – For article and paragraph headings
  • Subheading block – For Subheadings
  • Quote Block – For setting up quotes
  • Image Block – For showing images by themselves
  • Gallery Block – To show multiple images and gallery
  • Cover Image block – To show a bigger image that covers the whole area
  • Video Block – To show videos
  • Audio Block – To show and embed audio files
  • Columns Block – To show multiple columns in the same row for layout
  • File Block – For file downloads, links and embeds
  • Code Block – To work on html code separately
  • List Block – To show a ordered or unordered bullet list
  • Button Block – To show buttons and call to actions
  • Embed Block – To show embedded code
  • Plus more block coming up…

A brand new Twenty Nineteen theme

With this new release comes the long awaited new Twenty Nineteen theme. This theme has been built to showcase the Gutenberg editor and we are a bit disappointed that this looks very similar to the previous theme. However we expect this theme to get better as WordPress 5 gets closer to release. 

WordPress Demo Website

Want to try out all the new features :).  We keep an upto date demo site with the latest (sometimes even nightly builds) of WordPress that you are welcome to have a look at. We have even installed the new theme so that you can check it out.  Click here to view WordPress Demo Site.

About WordPress

WordPress is arguably the most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today. 30% of all new domains run on WordPress. 60% of all CMS run websites run on WordPress.

NetON Beta Release Update Policy

Beta releases of WordPress are good for testing by developers and not intended to be used on live websites. Please read through this post to see what is coming to WordPress, however noting that the final version may be slightly different from the Beta Release. Please note that the NetON team won’t be updating your website with this version because this is not a final version. We will update your installation when the full production version is released.

NetON WordPress development services

NetON offers a complete range of WordPress Services for Australian businesses. We are constantly working with our clients on WordPress Website Design, WordPress Development, Hosting, WordPress Security, SEO Optimisation for WordPress sites and upgrading Core WordPress and Plugins. We work with some of the smallest and the biggest companies in Australia and around the world and help them build and maintain their WordPress website to generate the best results for them. Please reach out to one of NetON’s Account Managers for more of our services. Please call us or email us on the details on our Contact Us page.

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Top 10 Essentials for your B2B Website

Looking for a resource to making sure your B2B website is setup for success.. It’s finally here!

Do you have a B2B website but don’t have a business?

Your B2B website is the central hub for all your business activities. Your B2B website should work for you. It should attract relevant prospects and convert prospects to leads. Those are the basics of what you would expect your B2B website to do. If you follow the guide below, it will not only do that; It will also track leads and send them to your sales team when they are sales ready by itself. Follow our guide below to make sure that your site is working for you.

NetON’s Top 10 Essentials for a B2B Website

This is a NetON Top Tips white paper written by Suman Dahal, Director at NetON. Suman has worked at some of the top Email Marketing, Marketing Automation and Optimisation companies around the world. He has over 10 years experience in all things B2B. He will be helping you make sure that you have put all the technology in place to make your B2B website a success.

The whitepaper will cover all the groundwork of a B2B website including

  • Making sure you have ticked all the checkboxes with your B2B Marketing website
  • Making sure your B2B website generates leads and gives them an opportunity to reach out to you
  • Making sure that your B2B website converts its visitors to leads
  • Making sure that its easy for you to send leads generated through your B2B website to your sales team
  • Making sure that you can track your success and improve your procedures based on data

Completed all the items on this whitepaper?

Stay tuned for our advanced tips for B2B websites.
This follow-up whitepaper will cover the advanced techniques for your B2B website.

How do you implement these changes?

We are platform agnostic. So this whitepaper mentions what things to do but it doesn’t mention what platforms to use. If you want to know what platforms to use for any of the tips we have provided, please reach out to us at info@neton.com.au

NetON’s marketing and business whitepapers

We create our whitepapers with you in mind. Our whitepapers are easy to read in all devices, both desktops and mobiles. We also make sure they are action orientated, rather than lots and lots of text, so there is an action plan against each item. Our aim is to create whitepapers that are on point, that you can follow and put it in action.

If you think we can improve our whitepapers, please let us know how at info@neton.com.au. We love constructive criticism.

Download Whitepaper

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Are your Emails Landing in Junk/Spam

Are your normal emails landing in Junk/Spam Email Folders? Here are some ways how you can minimise that:

Set up SPF records (Sender Policy Framework):

SPF is a email-origin-validation system. You setup SPF on your domain to authorise other IP addresses to send emails on your behalf. SPF is  designed to detect email spoofing by providing a mechanism to allow receiving mail exchangers to check that incoming mail from a domain comes from a host authorized by that domain’s administrators.

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM):

DKIM works similarly to SPF and allows the receiving mail server to check that the mail’s origin is authorized by the domain’s administrators and the email and its attachments haven’t been modified during the transfer.

Domain Blacklist:

Sometimes your domain is blacklisted by SPAM servers for sending spam. Most email servers rely on information from these spam checks to white-list their emails. So its a good idea to check your domain/IP address has been blacklisted by SPAM servers.

Spammy Content:

Sometimes it’s just a matter of spammy content in your emails that cause your emails to land in junk/spam folders.  Here are some example words to avoid. Used once they will not be mostly categorised as spam but if you use multiples then there is a big chance that their overallscore will go beyond the spam threshold.

  • FREE
  • 100% FREE
  • Bargain
  • Best Price
  • Dear Friend
  • Too many punctuations ( f.r.e.e)
  • Eliminate Debt
  • Extra Income
  • Work form Home
  • Financial Freedom
  • !!!
  • $$
  • $$$
  • Online Pharmacy
  • Erectile Disfunction

How to Setup SPF and DKIM records?

Please reach out to your email provider for this, usually they will know how to.

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The latest and greatest version of the most popular CMS platform in the world WordPress

We have just rolled out the Facebook Store for HD Adventures that connects directly to

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WordPress 3.9 available (better visual editing, media editing, audio, video and more)

The latest and greatest version of the most popular CMS platform in the world WordPress is now available.  WordPress powers 19% of all websites and has 46m downloads. Version 3.9 of WordPress named Smith, in honour of American Jazz musician, Jimmy Smith is now available for download and auto-update for all clients.

The new version adds a lot of updates most notably on the visual editor, media editing, galleries, native audio and video capabilities.

Features of WordPress 3.9

Improved Visual Editing:

The TinyMCE Visual editor is now upgraded to 4.0 and comes with better speed, accessibility and mobile support. Also pasting directly from Microsoft Word won’t mess up your styling and formatting.


Editing Images

You can now edit, scale, crop and rotate images. You can scale images directly in the editor view using drag handles.


Drag and Drop images

WordPress 3.3 came with the ability to drag and drop images to upload images to the media library. WordPress 3.9 takes this a step further with being able to drag and drop images directly on the editing screen.  Now only if they roll out Copy and Paste images Smile


Gallery Previews

While previously you would see a widget where the gallery was, the new version of WordPress shows your exact gallery in the Visual Editor.


Audio and Video Playlists

WordPress builds up on Native Audio and Video Support with support for Native Audio and Video Playlists.


Live widget previews

You can also view live previews of your Widgets in the Appearance Customiser. Please note that the theme needs to enable this for you to view the widgets.

Updated theme browser

The fancy new theme browser from 3.8 has been rolled out to the Add themes section making it look a lot more sexier.

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Magento Commerce – Facebook Store for HD Adventures

HD Adventures Facebook Store Integrated with Magento

We have just rolled out the Facebook Store for HD Adventures that connects directly to their Magento Commerce platform. The plugin allows HD Adventures to pick items from Magento admin which automatically gets displayed in their Facebook Store. 

Visit Store

Learn more about our Magento Commcer Facebook Integration Plugin

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Are your normal emails landing in Junk/Spam Email Folders? Here are some ways how you

The latest and greatest version of the most popular CMS platform in the world WordPress