Sello CRM updates 3.3

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Sello CRM updates 3.3

We have made a number of updates to our Sello CRM in the last few months. Here is the list of updates

Editing invoices

A lot of time is spent creating and editing invoices, so we have made it easier for you to edit invoices. Some improvements include

  • Easier to add products as line items on invoices
  • Easier to edit existing products
  • Ability to add discount as a percentage or a flat amount
  • Automatic product price as you pick products

Sales Campaigns

We are also making it easier to run sales campaigns from Sello CRM. Here are some updates in the campaigns screen

  • Exclude contacts from campaigns
  • Go back to the same campaign once you send an email
  • Automaticlally exclude contacts with existing potentials

What is Sello CRM

Sello CRM is a Melbourne created CRM for Australian small and medium busiensses. It combines contact management, account management, invoicing and prospecting in an easy to learn and inuitive platform.