WordPress 4.9 features and release candidate

WordPress 4.9 features and release candidate

The next Release Candidate for the the most used CMS in the world WordPress is almost at our doorstep with the release of WordPress 4.9. The newest version WordPress 4.9 is a Release Candidate and is due on 14 Nov 2017. This release is available with adding numerous improvements to the WordPress CMS. WordPress 4.9 comes with a number of new features as listed below: – all the new features to the Customizer, saving drafts of theme changes, new gallery widget, and coding enhancements

What’s new in WordPress 4.9 Release Candidate?

This latest update of the most used CMS in the world comes with the following featues:

Draft and Schedule theme changes

WordPress now allows you to draft and schedule changes to your theme as you would do with your pages and posts. So you can work on the customiser and make changes and try out how the theme of your site looks and save it as a draft. You can then come back and keep working on it until you are happy. When you are happy with your changes you can then publish the theme or you can schedule your theme to go live on a certain date and time. Imagine that you wanted to roll out a new skin for christmas, you can start working on the customiser now, make a few changes every week adn then when you are ready you can set your theme to go live on the 25th of December. How cool is that 🙂 You can also now use a frontend preview link to share the changes to a colleague or your boss without them having to log in to the system.

Install Themes from the Customizer

Another cool little feature that has been added is the ability to install themes from directly inside the Customizer. While not a new functionality, it came sometimes come handy 🙂

Gallery Widget

After last update where you can add video and media files as widgets in the Widgets area, WordPress update now allows you to add galleries from directly the widget area. Additionally you can also add a WYSIWYG text block as a widget. A small update to the Video widget also allows you to add Vimeo and other Video providers as a widget.

Codemirror powered code editing

If you are the type to make changes to the WP code from the backend itself, All WordPress code editors now ship with Codemirror making it easier to code and debug on the fly as you make the changes. Codemirror is now implemented on the CSS changes for the customizer and custom HTML widgets.

NetON Release Candidate Update Policy

This release of WordPress is a Release Candidate which means that this version of WordPress is still getting fine tuned and not ready for Production servers. Any Release Candidate of WordPress usually would have gone through extensive testing and is very close to the Final Release but some changes may occur when the final version comes out. Please note that Beta release of WordPress is not suitable for production websites, so our team will not be updating your site with this Release Candidate.

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