WordPress 4.5 new features

WordPress 4.5 new features

WordPress 4.5 has been released. Our team are very excited to work with whats new in this release. This version is considered a Major Release and focuses on adding new features to the WordPress CMS. More details on the release can be found over at https://wordpress.org/news/category/releases/. adding a logo to the site and responsive customiser

WordPress 4.5 release notes

This latest update of the most used CMS in the world comes with the following featues:

  • Theme Logo Support

    WordPress 4.5 now comes with a feature that has been requested for a long time. WordPress 4.5 now allows theme builders to set logo directly from the customizer.

  • Customizer Responsive Previews

    WordPress customizer now comes with Responsive previews and allows you to select between desktop, tablet and mobile to see how your site will look in those devices.

  • Better Favicons

    WordPress 4.5 brings improvements to Favicons introduced in previous version 4.4. Now you can see exactly how it looks like on your browser in the site customizer.

  • Better image optimisation

    WordPress 4.5 improves on the responsive image optimisation introduced in WordPress 4.4 and now creates smaller sized images with the same quality.

  • Visual Editor Enhancements

    The Visual Editor in WordPress 4.5 has been improved allowing you to put inline links and improving shortcodes

  • Logging in using email

    A much awaited feature, now you can login using your email address on the wordpress login screen

  • Other improvements

    A number of other improvements have happened in the backend which can be read in release notes.

NetON WordPress Update Policy

With this being a Major Release, our team will be working to make sure that your website gets updated as soon as possible.

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