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Creating content, organising content, coming up with ideas is a lot of  hard work. The process is already so complicated, usually content markeing platforms which aim to simplify this process end up making this more complex for the customer. Our new Content Marketing platform is simplified so that its focused on helping you get ideas, turn them into content and publish the content. Under the hood, it still has all the advanced features you need such as approval workflows, content rating, libraries, multi content planner and a special section to keep track of competitors and inspirations. That said the core focus of our Content Marketing platform is to help you generate and publish more content. We want you to be able to log in, add ideas, assign them to writers, approve them and publish them. Our platform that we have been working on for the last few months is finally at a first version stage to do all this.

Content Marketing Platform

Content Marketing Platform Stats

Content Pieces Generated

These many content pieces have been generated so far using our Content Marketing platform

Social Media Posts

These many social media posts have been generated and published through MixCopy

Total Words

18982 words have been written and/or created inside our Content Marketing platform so far

Multi Content Streams

There are 3 multi content streams generated in MixCopy with 19 overall content pieces

Content Marketing Platform core features

Here are the core features of our platform and are focused on helping you generate and publish more content. The core features are listed here and the under the hood features are listed in the section below.

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    Avoid writers/marketers block by using our content suggestions and ideas

    The biggest issue with getting content published regularly is coming up with new content ideas. Our Content Marketing Platform features a suggestions board which will give you relevant content ideas based on keywords you are targeting. Isn’t that neat? Just click plus next to a suggestion and you can turn that suggestion into an idea or a content in progress.

    Get your content generated quickly by assigning them to Internal and external content writers

    Once you have an idea, add a summary and assign it to a writer. You can add multiple writers to your platform and assign content to the writers. All you have to do now is to wait for them to complete the content and send it back to you. If you do not have any writers, you can also request the content to be generated by a pool of writers already in the platform who will upload the content roughly within a week of requesting the content.

    Get new ideas by looking at your Inspiration board and what your competitors are doing

    A great way of keeping up to date with content is looking at inspirational brands/blogs. We have a inspiration board that you can use to get inspiration from.  You should also keep an eye out on what your competitors are doing, what kind of content they are pushing out so that you can create better/more informative content. Our boards will allow you to sneak peek into competitors and what they are publishing on their websites.

    Your content is uploaded, Analyse it, improve it and add call to actions to it

    There is normal content and there is optimised content. Once you get content from a writer, our Content Marketing platform will help you analyse it for SEO. It will pick up any red flags and give you guidelines around how to fix it. You can then also add items from your content library and any call to actions to the content to get it ready for the outside world.

    Use our stock photo gallery to assign an image to a content piece

    Need a quick image to go with your blog post, use our stock gallery to assign an image to a conten piece and publish it. The gallery images are optimised for blogs and facebook so you can use images from there to publish to your blog or to share your content on Facebook or LinkedIn.

    Publish your content

    Our Content Management Platform does a final step of connecting everything in place, linking your keywords and generating HTML that can be published in a medium of your choice. We use it to regularly post content on this blog and a number of client blogs.

    Share your content on Social Media

    Once you publish your content, you can then publish your content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc for better visibility.

    Content Marketing Platform under the hood features

    While our core focus is to help you come up with content quickly and publish them, we have a lot of under the hood features that you may require for advanced Content Marketing. Here are some of the features thats available to customise the platform and get more analytics from your Content Marketing.

    Have a content approval workflow in place that fits your organisation

    Our platform supports multiple levels of workflow and approval. Do you have a content manager who approves the content before the CMO approves the content, we can set the platform up, so that there are multiple levels of approval.

    Keyword rankings change and analysis based on content publishing

    Our platform also comes with upto 10 keyword rankings for your client. You can see how the rankings have changed for the last 28 days and also how your content has affected the keyword rankings.

    Content Library to keep reusable content

    We also use a content library to keep small blocks of your content that you reuse. You can fill this up with product snippets, promotions, call to actions etc and drop these in the content before it goes live.

    SEO analysis on new content

    Do you know that we have our own SEO analysis tool. We have integrated this tool into our Content Marketing platform so that you can analyse your pages and get SEO suggestions. You can also in the next version of the tool, be able to compare your page with your competitors and see how they differ in terms of what google likes.

    Keep multiple departments/clients under a single dashboard

    Do you have multiple departments, or different brands? Our platform allows you to keep multiple brands in the same dashboard and switch between them seamlessly or get an overview of the whole system. This is great for agencies and bigger companies dealing with different types of products/customers.

    Plan microsites and multiple content using our multi content planner

    Are you planning a new microsite, or a new product launch or a new section on your website? Use our multi content planner to generate a site map, put summary and assign the whole microsite to a writer.

    Visualise your content using our content calendar

    Our content calendar visualises which ones of your content is in progress, when its scheduled to go out and what content you are waiting for.

    Request a no-obligation demo

    If there is one thing guaranteed to not hurt in life, it is requesting a demo of one of our platforms. Why not take a minute of your time to fill out this form and see if this platform can save hundreds of minutes of your work.

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      Content Marketing Platform for agencies

      We use our platform to work with our clients, so the platform is built to support agencies from the ground up. Are you a Content Marketing agency? Are you using excel and word to manage your content? We will be glad to do a demo of our platform for you to utilise with your clients in a way very similar to what we are utilising it ourselves.

      Local customer support by an Australian technical team

      PS since this platform is australian grown, you will have access to an Australian technical team for any issues. Early adopters also have a chance of moulding the platform based on their feedback.

      We use what we sell. So yes, this piece of content was developed in the same platform.