B2B Online Lead Generation – Steps

So you have a B2B product/service but not getting enough leads? Here is a step by step guide on how to generate more leads.

So you have a B2B product or service to sell but you are not getting enough leads?

We have put together a six step framework to help you fix this issue and generate more leads. Here is a quick overview of the six steps and then detailed steps below. These steps are self explanatory and a guide. So you can implement this yourself. NetON can also help you put the whole process or certain steps in place. Please use the form here to request a quote.

As with all online lead-gen frameworks, we recommend you review these steps every 3 months and improve to get the best results.

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    Overview and Steps

    Step 1:
    Build a solid foundation

    Step 2:
    Generate Product/Service Assets

    Step 3:
    Setup Visitor/user Journey Funnel

    Step 4:
    Enable Automatic Organic Traffic

    Step 5:
    Cross Sell to existing Client base

    Step 6:
    Advertise to new Audiences

    Step 1: A Solid Foundation

    The first step to generating leads online with a B2B website is a solid foundation. In B2B you are dealing with a lower number of visitors to your site and paying more to get those visitors to your site. So when they get to your site, you need to make sure that they see the value proposition, testimonials and can put in an enquiry. Here are some points to help you get the foundation right:

    • Is your site fast loading? Usually if your site doesn’t load in the first 4 seconds, some visitors will fall off.
    • As you build your marketing channels, you will get more and more visitors accessing your site on mobiles. Is your site mobile optimised?
    • Does your site have clear Product/Services for people who land on your pages?
    • Does your service/product pages have a clear value proposition?
    • Does your service/product pages have clear credibility/trust builders?
    • Does your pages have clear call to actions?
    • Are you tracking what your visitors are doing on your website?

    NetON can do a site analysis and come back to you with recommendations on how to fix your site.

    Step 2: Product/Service assets

    We see a lot of companies roll out assets when their products are initially setup and then use that over and over again. With technology and user behaviour changes, It is worth reviewing your products and your sales/marketing assets and improve it every 6 months. You can’t just rely on PDFs, building agile responsive assets that can be distributed and shared in different mediums is the way to go. Here are some items that we recommend:

    • Videos, they are fairly affordable to build now and provide the best conversion rate for your B2B service/product
    • Brochures
    • Landing pages
    • Calculators if there are cost savings
    • Customer Testimonials if any

    Pro Tip: Find a value wedge for each of your product/service and emphasize that clearly. Value edge is a combination of return, cost and efficiency.

    NetON can help you build all of these assets, feel free to request a quote.

    Step 3: Setup a user journey funnel

    This doesn’t need to very advanced; this could be a single page or a number of pages. You basically want to think about and setup content that takes a visitor from being interested to requesting contact with your company.

    Please note that this will be an unknown to known lead funnel and not a lead to sale sales funnel. This step is optional if you have a simple product.

    One of our recent journey funnels looks like this

    • Step 1: Intro /Landing Page (Introduction to service)
    • Step 2: Examples of related Previous work
    • Step 3: Pricing and Testimonials
    • Step 4: Download Lead Magnet ( PDF of success stories ) with an option to request a call back

    Pro Tip: Setup funnel for each product/service and then setup the steps in Google Analytics so that you can visualise the efficiency

    Step 4: Automatic Lead Generation via Organic Traffic

    Once your foundation is in place and your user journey is in place you are good to get free traffic and get some leads from that. For this you need to work on content and SEO.

    • Are you creating relevant, informative content that resonates with your target audience at least once a week?
    • Have you done Search Engine optimisation on your site to make sure that it is ranked for your key services/products?

    With these 2 things in place, you should get some supply of visitors to your website and hopefully they will start converting. Ideally you will direct all of this traffic to your landing page of your funnel so that you can see how effective your funnels are.

    NetON offers SEO, content writing and a content marketing platform to help you generate Organic Traffic. Please request a rate card.

    Step 5: Cross sell to existing Customers

    The next 2 steps are to now start promoting your new services to your existing customers. You already have trust built up with your existing customer and its easiest to sell to them.

    • Have you got an optin list of current and previous customers that you can promote to?
    • Setup email signatures for your staff promoting the products/services
    • Setup banners to include in regular company email newsletter
    • Setup dedicated email campaign for product

    Pro Tip: It’s a lot cheaper and faster to sell to existing clients than look for new clients. So its always better to cross sell to existing clients, get testimonials, success stories, improve your product and then sell to new audiences.

    NetON can help you setup banners and promotions that you can rotate every month and will work and track.

    Step 6: Advertise to new Audiences

    The last step is advertising to new relevant targets and filling up the traffic on your assets. Here are some ideas on how to run that

    • Setting up ads in Linkedin and targeting job titles, demographics etc.
    • Setting up Google Adwords and targeting users based on the product/service they are searching for 
    • Setting up Advertisements in industry websites/newsletters

    Pro Tip: When you are promoting/ running ads, its important to know the ROI of your advertising efforts. Please make sure to use utm fields so that you can go back to your funnel and see advertising medium is driving the most traffic and converting.

    NetON can help you setup B2B campaigns to targeted visitors and track and improve them over time to get the most leads for your budget.

    Step 7: Learning and Improving

    • What can you learn from your visitors behavior?
    • How can you improve your assets and journey for second round of advertising
    • How are your Funnels performing? which steps are people dropping out of?
    • What is sticky about your products/services?

    Pro Tip: Find ways to duplicate your campaign, so that you can take successful campaigns and recreate them for a new product/service quickly and effectively.