100 point website and marketing check

100 point website check for Website, mobile, roi, seo and marketing

Introducing one of the most comprehensive website checking and testing systems to date.

We are proud to announce one of the most comprehensive website checking system available now with all of our Medium and Large websites. The NetON 100 point quality check system is ticked off before going live with every site making sure that the live site is error-free and fully functional on all fronts including website and different browsers, mobiles and tablets. Additionally we also review your site for Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Lead Generation/Revenue Generation to ensure you are ready to start generating leads/revenue. Here is a quick overview of some of the checks we do:

Website Look and feel

We check your website for any aesthetic issues, browser issues etc.

Mobile and Tablet Website check

We test your website on a number of mobiles and tablets.

Leads and Forms check

We test all forms and test all lead generation systems.

Contact Us checks

We test and check all your Contact details and Forms

Google Analytics / NetON Analytics Check

We make sure that analytics is setup and works and you can access it.

Search Engine Optimisation Checks

We make sure that your site is properly optimised for Google, Bing and other relevant search engines.

Google Webmaster Checks

We make sure that you are setup with Google Webmaster and the site doesn’t have any glaring issues

Shopping Cart Checks

We check shopping carts, checkouts, payment gateways, notification systems on browsers and mobiles

Blog and Posts Checks

We make sure your blogs and posts look and work properly

Social Media Checks

We check all links to social media and also review your social media to make sure everything is working properly