Enterprise Online Commerce

Magento Commerce Enterprise Development

Magento Enterprise is a robust, powerful and flexible eCommerce platform that can scale to support the largest online stores. Packed with market-leading merchandising capabilities and backed by Magento’s expert support team, Enterprise Edition can help take your online business to the next level.

New Features only available in Enterprise Edition:

CMS+ Enhanced CMS

Magento Enterprise Version has an enhanced CMS solution which gives you even better CMS facilities and drag and drop functionality with widgets.


Content Staging and Merging

Your team can work on different password protected staging sites and you can merge them all when they are ready to go live or you can set a time for it to happen automatically.


Gift Cards and Customer Store Credits

This will allow you to sell Virgin Mobile Gift Cards or to provide customers with Gift Cards when they purchase a mobile or a plan which they can use to buy accessories from the store or send the gift card to someone else.


Private Sales

For only users who are registered to you or your email newsletters – giving an exclusive feel and keeping your newsletter subscribers feel important. You can also add a countdown to specific sales to get your customers to act quickly.


Security and Permissions: