NetON SMART website

State of Majority of Small to Medium websites

  • You probably have a decent CMS running, where you can go and make changes to the content.
  • You might have a blog integrated on the site and are pushing out content to Search Engines and getting some interaction
  • You probably have Google Analytics so you either can login and view stats or have them delivered to you daily
  • If you are lucky, you have a good list and are marketing to them via a different platform, blasting out your promotions and offers
  • You might have an integration with Facebook and are trying to ask questions and putting photos for users to like for no reason than building your fans

In a lot of ways, between mid-market and you mom and pop sites, this is where you sit.

The Problem

Unless you are very dedicated, here are the problems with the current state

  • Over time you stop looking at your data, or caring about it
  • It’s hard for you to make changes to your site when it comes to complex information and you give up putting anything advanced
  • You do not know what data to look at
  • You do not know how to get more visitors to your list
  • You want to sell a product and you have to then look at eCommerce solutions

The netON SMART Website

Announcing the netON SMART Website that aims at fixing this issue. Here is how we build the website:

Search Engine Optimisation

netON SMART Website is developed with Search Engines in Mind. The website will ensure that whatever content you are adding to the website will be sent to Google and Bing straight away. The SMART website comes with a blog that allows you to add posts to get more visitors and better Search Engine Rankings.

Marketing Module – Email and CMS

netON SMART website comes with a Marketing module inbuilt into the platform. This means you can set up your lists, divide your lists from the backend and send out email campaigns to your list.

When you add a blog post, it will automatically go to all of your subscribers.

What’s more, you can also add a SMS module to send our SMS to your contacts.

Agile CMS

Our drag and drop Agile CMS technology allows you to make changes to your site easily. Create advanced sliders, photo galleries, sections, copy and paste pages with our new Agile CMS. Want 3 boxes follows by a main banner with 4 boxes of content under, its as easy as dragging and dropping it.

Real Time Stats with netON Analytics

netON SMART website comes with netON Analytics, providing you with live and upto date information about your website from the dashboard itself. See how many visitors are live on the website, what they are looking at and what pages an individual visitor is going to.

Whats more? You can tag one of your leads and then track how often they come to the site and what they do on the site.

Transactional, Facebook and Event add-ons

netON SMART website comes with lots of additional modules to make it easy to

  • run ecommerce with our paypal shop addon
  • run events with our events addon that allows you to accept registration fees
  • create and track facebook fan pages with our addon
  • Marketo addon to add Marketo tracking and Forms to the pages
  • and a lot more…