Whats new in Drupal 8.1.0

Drupal 8.1.0 is now released to the public. Our team are very excited to work with whats new in this release. This is a Minor Release of Drupal and is ready for use on production sites. In this post, we will look at what’s new in Drupal 8.1.0, and which features you should notice or […]

Drupal 8 First Impressions

At NetON, we have been busy testing the new Drupal 8 release.  Here are our initial impressions: Drupal 8 Installation: The Installation is much easier. Still a few extra steps from WordPress but it makes sense for Drupal to have the extra steps because Drupal 8 provides more functionality out of the box and without […]

Drupal 8 Release Candidate Released

Drupal 8 RC 3 has been released for public testing and feedback! The newest version Drupal 8 RC 3 is a Release Candidate and the final version of Drupal 8 is expected to be released on 19th of November 2015. This release candidate focuses on bringing major changes and upgrades to the Drupal CMS. Drupal 8 […]

Drupal 8 Beta 14 released

The newest Beta Release for the 14 year old stable CMS Drupal is almost here with the latest release of Drupal 8 beta 14. The newest version Drupal 8 beta 14 is a Beta Release and is due sometime this year.This release focuses on providing more than 200 new features and improvements. Drupal 8 beta […]