Great new features of WordPress 5.5

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  • Great new features of WordPress 5.5

    Great new features of WordPress 5.5

    Welcome to the second major WordPress update of the year! As expected, WordPress 5.5 has released and is now available. Our WordPress team have been busy testing all the new features and developments on this release and have complied a list of new enhancements available on this Major Release. Released less than 5 months after…

  • New Features of WordPress 5.4

    New Features of WordPress 5.4

    WordPress is an open-source content management system that was originally created for blog publishing, but has since evolved into supporting various types of web content, and is still continuously evolving. It’s latest version, Wordpress 5.4, is named “Adderly” after the trumpet playing musician, Nat Adderly, as WordPress has a tradition of naming versions after Jazz…

  • WordPress 3.9 Beta Released

    WordPress 3.9 Beta Released

    The next major release for the most used CMS in the world is almost at our doorstep with the release of WordPress 3.9 Beta 2.  WordPress 3.9 is due at the end of April and the Beta comes with a number of new features as listed below: Updated TinyMCE Updated TinyMCE which brings better features…