Online Services to Wineries and Wine Makers

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NetON works with multiple clients in the Wine and Food Industry in Australia notably DrinkWise Australia and Dudley Wines. Here are the services that we offer to Wineries and Wine Makers/Sellers in Australia:

Website / Online Store where you can sell wines

Customers are now purchasing most of their items online. Once a customer has built loyalty with your brand, they will prefer to purchase wine easily through an online store to be delivered to their doorstep. NetON can set up an online store which looks great and is customised to your needs. The store will be the forefront of your business and will have the following features and more…

  • Ability to list your wines by type, category, flavour, age, country, region etc
  • Ability to set up single bottle, half a dozen, crate purchases
  • Ability to combine multiple wines in a “crate”
  • Ability to set up Special Events hampers etc
  • Ability for the customer to customise their purchase
  • Ability for gift cards
  • Ability for Loyalty rewards
  • A wine finder to find the right wine
  • Best Sellers, Clearance, Sale, Promotions and Award Winners
  • Discounts based on number of items
  • Discounts based on loyalty club
  • Discounts based on coupons
  • Discounts based on amount in cart etc
  • Multiple currencies
  • Postage customised by Australian Postcode
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Ability to pick up in store
  • Connected to your Email Marketing Platform
  • Connected to your ERP platform
  • Allow store to be accessed via mobiles as well as tablets (iPads)
  • B2B: Allowing resellers to have special pricing than customers

These are just some of the things we can do with your store, please ask us if you have a specific requirement in mind. Depending on your budget, we have multiple options that suit you.



Email Marketing for your customer base and to announce Promotions

We also provide email marketing solutions to help you promote your wines to your customer base. These can be useful for

  • communicating with your customers and staying in their minds
  • discussing new wines/ lines that you have rolled out
  • promoting special offers
  • promoting seasonal offers (e.g. Christmas) etc
  • B2B: promoting special offers to resellers



Facebook Fan Page Store Builds and Promotions

We can also help you by creating Facebook Fan Pages, building fans and promoting special items through Facebook and allowing customers to purchase via Facebook. We can offer

  • Building the wine store in Facebook
  • Allowing customers to purchase through Facebook
  • showing your best seller items in Facebook
  • doing Facebook Marketing etc



Affordable Video Production

We can create a catchy video that promotes your wine or your company and helps you generate quick success for your branding. Please see our example video of Introduction to NetON below

Other Services

  • Search Engine Optimisation – get infront of Google
  • Search Engine Marketing – get high quality traffic for a low price
  • Existing enhancements to your existing site/store

Advanced, B2B and Enterprise Services

  • Integration to your ERP System
  • Creating a Single Customer View of your customer across all your marketing/sales
  • Building a Lead Generation system for resellers