SOSL – Facebook Competitions

What is SOSL is a facebook platform that allows you to execute microsites, forms etc to create more engagement and build more fans on Facebook. We have built SOSL from the ground up to allow for flexibility across companies rather than set up a template for competitions, page layouts. This means you can setup your competitions within your look and feel and how you like to run them. SOSL is being used by some of the biggest and best brands in Australia to drive more traffic, generate more likes and create viral competitions via Facebook.



Please click on the tabs on the left to view Features of SOSL and browse down to see an example of a photo upload competition in Facebook. Our clients have already ran over 15 competition in SOSL successfully so feel free to ask us for screenshots or more information.

Full fledged CMS Platform for Facebook Fan Pages

  • Create your website inside Facebook
  • Create your minisite inside Facebook
  • Only give access to your fans who like your fan page

Stores and Location Finders

  • Add your list of stores/locations
  • Allow users to put postcode to view nearest locations
  • Customise promotion for each location

Like and Tweet to download Items

  • Allow users to download assets by liking page
  • Allow users to download assets by tweeting about it

Photo Competitions, upload your photos

  • Allow users to upload photos to competition
  • Allow other users to like the photos and share photos on their wall
  • Show photos as a mosiac

Text based Competitions

  • Create “Tell us in 25 words of less” competitions
  • Allow other users to like the entries and share them on their wall
  • Show competition entries in a grid or table

WYSIWYG Landing Page Builder

  • Build Landing Pages using WYSIWYG Editor
  • Existing templates for most common designs
  • Add and edit landing pages in real time
  • Browse content and click on edit to edit in Facebook Pages

WYSIWYG Landing Page Builder

  • Build Multiple landing pages for same promotion
  • Create form on each page
  • See which page provides you with the highest conversion

Form/Competition Builder

  • Drag and Drop Competition Builder
  • Drag and Drop Form Builder
  • Keep entries of all your competitions

Facebook Like Gate

Facebook Like Gate allows you to block content from users who haven’t liked your page yet. This is a great way to build more fans quickly

  • LikeGate Template
  • Easily Create Like Gate
  • Provide different content for fans and visitors

Daily Deals

Sosl allows you to run time and date based promotions. Setup deals to run on the future

  • Setup Daily Deals
  • Setup Deals ahead of time
  • Setup Deals to run weekly, monthly

YouTube Channel

  • Show your YouTube Channel in Facebook
  • Keep track of which video is the most popular

Other Social Media Integration

  • Bring your Instagram pictures to your Facebook Fan Page
  • Allow users to share your images in Pinterest

Analytics Integration

  • Integrate with NetON Analytics to get realtime view of who is doing what in your Facebook Fan page
  • Integrate with Google Analytics
  • Pull your Social Media Stats in NetON Pulse

Example: Facebook Photo Upload Competition