NetON Pulse is now available to our clients. NetON Pulse is a data analytics dashboard for businesses to find their overall marketing and sales data in one central location.

Data Integrations with NetON Pulse

Analytics Dashboard


Google Analytics

Get Google Analytics stats directly inside NetON Pulse. These stats are available for you
Overview, Language, Location, New vs Returning, Frequency, Engagement, Browser, Operating System, Screen Resolution, Screen Colors, Flash Version, Java Support, Network, Hostname, Mobile Overview, Mobile Devices, Mobile Device Branding, Mobile Service Provider, Mobile Input Selector, Mobile Operating System
Traffic Sources
Overview, All Traffic, Referrals, Search Keywords, Search Engines, Campaigns, Social Referrals
Overview, All Pages, Content Drilldown, Landing Pages, Exit Pages, Site Speed
Overview, Event Categories, Event Actions, Event Labels
Overview, Conversion Rates
Overview, Product Purchases, Product Revenue, Keyword Revenue, Transactions

NetON Analytics

Using NetON Analytics? Get goals and conversion stats directly inside NetON Pulse.

Sales Dashboard


Get user information, lead information and opportunity pipeline info using our connector.

Social Media Dashboards

Facebook Fan Page

Get Activity on your Facebook Fanpage using NetON Pulse’s easy to read dashboard.


Get Activity on your YouTube Channel using NetON Pulse’s easy to read dashboard.

Get number of shares and clicks across your account


Get Boards, pins, likes, followers and following stats for your Pinterest account.


Get Tweets, Following, Followers, Listed and Mentions from your dashboard

SEO Dashboards

Google Webmaster Tools

Get alerts, error notifications and messages from Google Webmaster tools directly in Pulse.

Google Trends

Get search activity for any keywords using our Google Trends connectors.


Using SEOMoz for your Search Engine Optimisation, get your main stats directly inside NetON Pulse.

Monitoring Dashboard


Get Alexa domain stats for your domain.


Get server uptime, downtime and average notifications.


Get email stats through sendgrid connector.

Amazon AWS

Keep an eyeout for your Amazon AWS usage using the Amazon connector in NetON Pulse.

Email Marketing Dashboards

Constant Contact

Get emails sent, bounces, unsubscribes, forwards, opens and clicks for your campaign.


Get emails sent, bounces, unsubscribes, forwards, opens and clicks for your campaign.


Get Email Requests, Spam Reports, Bounces, Clicks, Opens

Blog/CMS Dashboards


Using WordPress as your blog? Get Numbers of Users, Posts and Comments in your dashboard.

PPC Dashboards

Google Adwords

Get Cost, Impressions, Clicks and Conversion for your Adwords campaigns.

Keyword Rankings Dashboard

Keyword Rankings / SERP Data

Get Keyword ranking stats for your top 10 keywords with weekly charts for upto 8 weeks ago (only in Pulse Premium)