NetON SEO Process

Have you got a great website? But you are not getting any new visitors to the site?

We have put together a six step framework to help you optimise your site for Search Engines that helps you generate more visitors.

As with all online lead-gen frameworks, we recommend you review these steps every 3 months and improve to get the best results.

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    Overview and Steps

    Step 1:
    Website Analysis

    Step 2:
    Keyword Research

    Step 3:
    On Page Optimisation

    Step 4:
    Content Development

    Step 5:

    Step 6:
    Continual Improvment

    Step 1: Website Analysis

    The first step in a SEO project is to make sure that your foundations are good. That means a fast, informative website that offers its target market authentic content. You also don’t want to cannibalise all the work you have done already, so we will look at what keywords you are already doing well on and preserve all the good work that Google is already rewarding you for.

    • Is your site fast loading? Usually if your site doesn’t load in the first 4 seconds, your google ranking wont be as great as others. Also your customers will fall off.
    • Have you got enough content on your website?
    • Does your site have clear Product/Services for people who land on your pages and are searching for such product/service?
    • Is your content outside in or inside out?
    • Is your content laid our properly with headings, sub headings and images
    • What is your domain and page authority scores
    • What other websites are linking back to you
    • Are you tracking what your visitors are doing on your website?

    NetON will run a preliminary analysis on the site and come back with suggestions on how to improve the foundation.

    Step 2: Keyword Research

    The next step is looking for keywords in your industry and area that people are searching for. We will get a broad list of popular keywords (related to your business offering) and then find out which are the best ones to optimise your site against.

    • Conduct keyword research to identify Keywords that users are searching for
    • Identify Devices where Keywords are being searched for (Tablets/Mobiles/PCs)
    • Conduct on-site keyword research to identify Keywords client is targeting
    • Analyse Targeting vs Search results
    • Take a ranking snapshot of Google keyword performance to establish a benchmark to measure improvements against

    Pro Tip: If you are in a competitive space, this might be a good time to do competitor research and see what your key competitors are optimising for and where they rank compared to you.

    NetON will turn these keywords into pillars and sub pillars to prioritise and create content that will get you ranking higher against these keywords.

    Step 3: On Page Optimisation

    We now take the keywords that we identified in Step 2 and start assigning a page for each keyword. Once the keywords are assigned, its time to optimise these pages for the keyword. This includes

    • Fix page titles
    • Fix page meta descriptions
    • Fix h1, h2 tags
    • Add alt tags to images
    • Add more content to pages to give them more meat
    • Add extra links to other areas of the site
    • Reduce links 
    • Add more images

    Pro Tip: This is also a good time to check all links on the site and fix any broken links.

    Step 4: Content Development

    The on page SEO optimisation will only take you so far. You need to constantly add and tweak content to get the best rankings for your keyword. We recommend doing some serious content development if you want to rank higher on your keywords.

    • Create relevant, informative content that resonates with your target audience at least once a week?
    • Repurpose old unused and out of date content
    • Create different types of content (video, infographics, blog posts etc) and promote in different channels
    • All of these content developed goes towards supporting your main keywords

    NetON offers SEO, content writing and a content marketing platform to help you generate Organic Traffic. Please request a rate card.

    Step 5: Analytics and Measurement

    In Marketing, we follow the “you cant improve what you can’t measure” philosophy. We aim to provide you with all the measurement data so that you can see how well your SEO dollars are working for your website. SEO measurement includes

    • Setting up Google Search Console ane checking Reports
    • Setting up Bing Webmaster Tools and fixing errors on Reports
    • Creating Goals in Google Analytics based on what you want to achieve from your SEO
    • Checking keyword rankings for your preferred keywords

    NetON will setup a monthly report and keep you updated on your keyword ranking, traffic and goals/conversions on your site.

    Step 7: Learning and Improvements

    SEO is all about continual improvement unfortunately. The moment you stop dancing the crowd disperses. We will put a strategy that you can follow or we can run for you so that you are on top of your SEO program.

    • Creating content based on your keywords regularly
    • Using the content in all of your channels (email, social media etc)
    • Repurposing old content and re-promoting old content
    • Keep eye out on key metrics and fix when something falls off or goes wrong