File Uploads in Project Manager

netON Project Manger now allows file uploads against any task on the Projects.  This means against any task you can now add:

  • A word file containing all the content for that task
  • A screenshot explaining a bug that needs to be fixed
  • An update file relevant to the task

How to add a file:

  • Log into the project manager
  • Open any project
  • Click on +file button against any task
  • A popup will come up asking you to browse for a file
  • Browse for a file and click on submit to upload

Once a file is uploaded, it will show a file icon next to the task and you can click on it to download the file.  Currently the following formats are supported

  • Word Documents
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • JPEG images
  • GIF Images
  • PNG Images

If you need support for any other file, please send us an email at

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