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Magento Commerce is a highly flexible and arguably the most popular open source eCommerce platform currently. By itself Magento is very powerful for a small retailer all the way to a large/enterprise retailer.

Magento Commerce 1.7 and API

The new version of Magento Commerce comes with an updated version of the REST api which builds up on the existing SOAP API.

The best thing about this new addition is that it opens up doors to integrate your Magento Commerce stores with your other stores. So now you have more than one option to get data from your Magento Commerce Installation.

Magento Commerce API Development by netON

netON has a team of Magento Developers who can help you develop API applications that connect with your Magento Online store. You can use this API for

  • linking Magento with your email marketing platform
  • Setting up nurture programs for your customers
  • Pulling sales data from Magento to your ERP platform
  • Pulling inventory data from Magento to your ERP platform
  • Connecting up to date product information from Magento to your website, facebook fan page etc
  • Connecting Best Selling, clearance products etc from Magento to your website, facebook etc
  • Connecting your products, customers, inventory and sales information to an external application

Magento API Security

Any API work that we do with Magento will make sure that there is secure connections, ecryptions where possible and password protected so that your data and data connection are secure.

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