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NetON DIY eCommerce v3–Top Cat now Released

We have just upgraded the code base for NetON Commerce to v3 named Top Cat.  Here are the new features:

  • A much improved and stable code base providing faster browsing and better Stability
  • Easier way to add images to Products
  • Display of Products on product page looks much better
  • Postcode and Region Based shipping is now live
  • You can now setup shipping quantity for combined product as well
  • New improvements to the theme

The major upgrade on this version has been a completely new and revamped Deals section. With deals you can

  • set up Weekly Deals on categories/products
  • set up Daily Deals on categories/products
  • set up Monthly Deals on categories/products
  • set up Store Promotions
  • All your deals now show in a slick calendar

The user guide has now been updated to show how to work with deals. To celebrate the release of Top cat, here is a quick video of our favorite cat.

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