Time to move from Responsive to Mobile First Websites?

Time to move from Responsive to Mobile First Websites?

Is it time for Australian Businesses to move to a mobile first approach.  At NetON we have been building Responsive websites since 2011 while Mobile traffic was still in it’s infancy. Now in mid 2014 should we still do Responsive Sites or should we move to Mobile First websites? We thought we would do a quick analysis. We picked at random 3 medium B2C clients and 2 B2B Clients to see what the Mobile Traffic was for the sites for a random month this year. We also categorised the traffic to overall and Australia to check how Mobile traffic differs from Australia. Followed are some quick charts.

B2C Mobile Traffic analysis

B2C Client 1 Analytics


B2C Client 2 Analytics


B2C Client 3 Analytics


For our random 3 B2C clients,  pure mobile is coming at roughly 1/3rd of the Traffic, while Mobile + Tablet at some cases is more than half the traffic.  What’s more interesting is that if we just pick Australian traffic in 2 out of 3 cases, Pure Mobile traffic now outweighs Desktop and Tablet Traffic. With one of the sites getting 80% pure mobile traffic from Australian Visitors.

Key takeaways:

  • In majority of larger B2C clients, mobile traffic is outweighing desktop
  • While most sites are still built responsive and not mobile first
  • Australian Mobile traffic in particular is exploding

B2B Mobile Traffic analysis

B2B Client 1 Analytics


B2B Client 2 Analytics


B2B clients however seem to have a very low degree of Mobile Traffic or Tablet Traffic. The reason for that being that most of the sites are being visited in work hours via the computer. However month on month increase is about 1-2% at this stage. Still a long way off from B2C but towards early next year, you should start looking at going mobile first.

Key takeaways:

  • Mobile traffic in B2B is not significant yet
  • However mobile traffic month on month is growing rapidly
  • Responsive sites are best for now

Mobile First Websites?

NetON will be doing Mobile first websites for all B2C customers moving forward.  We will be posting another post about our Mobile build technologies and what devices we test our Websites on.