Building your Facebook Timeline

Building your Facebook Timeline

Here is how to build your Facebook Timeline

1. Facebook FanPage Cover Image

First pic your cover image. This should be

  • 801 pixels wide
  • 315 pixels high

The cover picture cannot have

  • Calls to actions
  • Contact information
  • Pricing
  • promotions
  • Coupons
  • Advertisements
  • Like or Share information related to Facebook

Click here to view official information from Facebook on Cover Photos

Inserting your FanPage Cover Image

Click on Add a Cover button and select Upload Photo

Facebook Fan Page Upload Cover Photo


Select your image from the popup. When done, click on Save Changes to assign that as the cover image.


2. Facebook FanPage Profile Picture

Your Facebook FanPage Profile picture can have company logo and contact details. We recommend using the company logo to fit perfectly in this space.

Please note that this will be resized when displaying your stories and posts, so if you have a logo that doesn’t look good in a smaller size, then its best to use something else.

Profile Picture Dimensions

  • 180 pixels width
  • 180 pixels high

3. Company Facebook Information

The About us Information sits directly under the Profile image. Click on the area to edit.


Facebook Timeline: Company Information

You need the following information:

Start Date:
Please add the year (and optionally month and date when the company started)

Start Type:
Please select from Born, Founded, Started, Opened, Created and Launched

Please fill this area up (with maximum 155 characters). This information will sit just under your Profile Image.

Full Description about your company

Date when the company was founded

Any awards the company has won

Please make sure you fill this box with your product offerings

A url to your website


4. Telling your story

Facebook Timeline allows you to tell your story properly in Facebook. Please feel free to add these content:

  • Status Updates
  • Conversations
  • Pages/Posts from your website
  • Photos
  • Videos

Facebook Timeline: Status Update

You can also backdate updates by clicking on the clock icon on the bottom left corner of the Status Update box.

5. Highlighting your information

You can also highlight your information, pin any updates to the top or delete any updates. Please note

  • Milestones are already highlighted
  • Highlighting a story makes it go full width

To Highlight an update, Hover your mouse over the update and click on Highlight.

Facebook FanPage Timeline: Highlight

You can also pin a story to the top by clicking on the edit button when hovering

Pin to Top: Facebook FanPage Timeline

5. Milestones

Make sure you add Milestones. These can be added by selecing Event,Milestone + on the update box


Dimensions for Milestones (Full Width):

  • 843 pixels wide
  • 403 pixels high

Dimension for Milestones (Half Width):

  • 403 pixels wide
  • 203 pixels high

6. Summary

Facebook FanPage Timeline is a very powerful tool for your Marketing Arsenal. Please make sure to fill it up with Company Information that tells a story rather than just a long list of automated blog posts. Thank your fans for supporting you and ask them for their feedback. Engaging with your fans is the best way to get conversion out of using Facebook.