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How to add a new html tab to your facebook page 2014

Here are the things you will need A new html page (the url has to be secure https://) A Facebook developer account (any normal account can be used as a developer account) A Facebook fanpage where you are the administrator of the page There are 3 steps involved in adding a new html tab to […]

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Facebook Timeline Image References 2014

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Creating a new custom tab in Facebook Timeline 2012

What you need to set up your custom tab in Facebook Timeline A facebook account A html/website built which you want to show as a tab in Facebook and needs to be securely hosted using SSL (if you don’t have this, please check out our platform that allows you to do that A large […]

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Building your Facebook Timeline

Here is how to build your Facebook Timeline 1. Facebook FanPage Cover Image First pic your cover image. This should be 801 pixels wide 315 pixels high The cover picture cannot have Calls to actions Contact information Pricing promotions Coupons Advertisements Like or Share information related to Facebook Click here to view official information from […]