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How to add a new html tab to your facebook page 2014

Here are the things you will need

  • A new html page (the url has to be secure https://)
  • A Facebook developer account (any normal account can be used as a developer account)
  • A Facebook fanpage where you are the administrator of the page

There are 3 steps involved in adding a new html tab to your facebook page.

  • Create a new html page
  • Create an app in Facebook Developers
  • Connect the html page to your Facebook Fan Page

Step 1: Create a new HTML Page

You will need to create a new html page and upload it to a secure server. If you are on this page, I am assuming that you have already done that.  If you need a kickass platform that allows you to create these pages and run competitions please check our other platform SOSL.

Step 2: Create an app in Facebook Developers

2A: Registering yourself as a developer

  • Visit Facebook Developers  at
  • Click on Apps > Register as Developer  (if this is your first time)
  • A popup will come up asking if you agree to the Facebook Platform Policy (click on Yes)
    save image
  • Click on Next
  • Facebook will then ask for your mobile and send you a confirmation code before you can start
    save image
  • Once you are registered you can then start adding apps.

2B: Creating a new app

  • Once you are registered, click on Apps > Create a New App
  • Enter name of your App, a namespace (no spaces) and pick a category and click on Create App

    save image

  • Facebook will then give you captcha for security check, fill it up and click on submit. If the text is hard to figure out, click on Try another text or audio captcha.

    save image

  • Once your app is ready you’ll land on the dashboard. Here click on settings

    save image

  • On this page, click on Add Platform

    save image

  • A popup will show up – click on Page Tab

    save image

  • Enter the Details of the page tab as indentified in the orange areas

    Name of Tab which shows up on Facebook
    Page Tab url (non secure url of your hosted page from step 1)
    Secure Page Tab Url (secure url of your hosted page)
    Page Tab Edit Url (you can use the page url here)
    Add a Page Tab Image (111 pixels wide by 74 pixels high)

    Click on Save Changes when finished

    save image

  • Once you add the Page tab details, under Basic, please use the domain of your hosted page and click on Save Changes.  The last step now is to add this to your Facebook fan page. To do this you need to copy your app ID and follow the steps below.

save image

Step 3: Connect the html page to your Facebook Fan Page

  • Copy the App ID from your app
  • Visit our website and go to Tools > Add Tab to Facebook Timeline 2012
  • Enter App ID and return url (return url can be your page url)
    save image
  • On the next page, it has a link to add the page to facebook
    save image
  • Click on the link and choose a facebook page to add to

    save image

  • Visit your facebook page to find the tab Smile 

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