Are your Emails Landing in Junk/Spam

Are your Emails Landing in Junk/Spam

Are your normal emails landing in Junk/Spam Email Folders? Here are some ways how you can minimise that:

Set up SPF records (Sender Policy Framework):

SPF is a email-origin-validation system. You setup SPF on your domain to authorise other IP addresses to send emails on your behalf. SPF is  designed to detect email spoofing by providing a mechanism to allow receiving mail exchangers to check that incoming mail from a domain comes from a host authorized by that domain’s administrators.

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM):

DKIM works similarly to SPF and allows the receiving mail server to check that the mail’s origin is authorized by the domain’s administrators and the email and its attachments haven’t been modified during the transfer.

Domain Blacklist:

Sometimes your domain is blacklisted by SPAM servers for sending spam. Most email servers rely on information from these spam checks to white-list their emails. So its a good idea to check your domain/IP address has been blacklisted by SPAM servers.

Spammy Content:

Sometimes it’s just a matter of spammy content in your emails that cause your emails to land in junk/spam folders.  Here are some example words to avoid. Used once they will not be mostly categorised as spam but if you use multiples then there is a big chance that their overallscore will go beyond the spam threshold.

  • FREE
  • 100% FREE
  • Bargain
  • Best Price
  • Dear Friend
  • Too many punctuations ( f.r.e.e)
  • Eliminate Debt
  • Extra Income
  • Work form Home
  • Financial Freedom
  • !!!
  • $$
  • $$$
  • Online Pharmacy
  • Erectile Disfunction

How to Setup SPF and DKIM records?

Please reach out to your email provider for this, usually they will know how to.