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Are your Emails Landing in Junk/Spam

Are your normal emails landing in Junk/Spam Email Folders? Here are some ways how you can minimise that: Set up SPF records (Sender Policy Framework): SPF is a email-origin-validation system. You setup SPF on your domain to authorise other IP addresses to send emails on your behalf. SPF is  designed to detect email spoofing by […]

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Things to check before sending out your email marketing

Before you send out any bulk email, you should always test it to make sure it is correct, accurate and works. Once you send your bulk emails, there is no recalling the email, so you need to make sure the email is 100% before it goes out. Here is a handy list of things to […]

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Gmail new promotions grid view – Email Marketing

Last time we touched base on how Gmail and Google apps have enabled images as default on all emails and how that affects Email Marketing. Fresh off that change Gmail and Google apps are now testing a new promotions grid view for all email newsletters. Here is a preview of how things are supposed to […]

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Infographic: Top modern marketer’s agenda are email and speed

Email still sits as the most important communication and marketing channel for Marketers. According to the following infographic by Oracle and Eloqua, email still sits as the most important digital marketing activity for most Modern Marketers at 58%. How can we leverage email more? Rich content strategies such as white papers and webcasts, marketing automation, […]

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Gmail now shows images by default and how this affects your email marketing

Straight off the Gmail Blog, Gmail now shows images by default. While previously all images were hidden by default and you would have had to click on View Pictures to see the image, now all images are displayed by default. This is great news for email marketing and lead tracking emails which had a high […]

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NetMail Email Marketing – Now supporting inbuilt video in emails

Videos in Emails Videos have never been fully supported in emails. Email design in general is about 5 years behind any web technology so it has always been impossible to use videos that pay itself in the email client. Explosion of videos in recent years In recent years, video views have skyrocketed. With higher broadband […]

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Adding Like and Tweet Buttons to your email campaigns

Are you using netON Email Platform or DzineClub’s Email Marketing Platform? Here is how to add like and tweet buttons to your email campaign. Open a campaign you are working with. If you are not already in the editor, click on edit to go into the editor Put your cursor where you want the like/tweet […]