Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still the best way to market for B2C. Email Marketing still provides the best ROI of all the marketing channels.

NetONmail Email Marketing

NetONmail Email Marketing makes it easy for non tech savvy marketers to push out their email newsletters to their subscriber base professionally, efficiently and quickly. Here are the features of the NetONmail platform:

Create and send email newsletters

  • Create Professional looking emails quickly
  • use full WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get functionality) to create your emails
  • Send out emails with a touch
  • test emails to your internal team

Automatically Manage Subscriber Lists

  • NetONmail automatically flags bounces
  • NetONmail automatically blocks all unsubscribes
  • Connect your website newsletter to NetONmail
  • Connect your Facebook subscription to NetONmail
  • View what your subscribers have done on an individual level
  • Create multiple lists of subscribers
  • Create segments within lists based on demographics or behavior

Test Email in Multiple Clients, Browsers and Spam Servers

  • Test email design in multiple email clients
  • Test email design in multiple browser based email clients
  • Test email against multiple spam filters

Setup Trigger Emails

  • Setup Date based Trigger Emails
  • Send Birthday emails
  • Send Welcome email when someone subscribes to your newsletter
  • Send automatic payment reminders
  • Setup RSS to email feeds

Setup Nurture Emails

  • Create training programs
  • Create Lead Nurture Programs
  • Setup Welcome > Offer emails

Email Customisation based on Segments

  • Send different content to different segments
  • Send same email with different contact us information for different states/countries
  • Send higher offers to users who have opened your emails less

Email Marketing A/B Testing

  • Test two versions of email copy
  • Test two versions of email subjects
  • Automatically push out the winning version to the main list

Reporting and Analytics

  • Connect your email marketing with your Google Analytics
  • Access reports on your mobile device
  • Get detailed reports on activities

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